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About Us

Revolutionizing Web Development and SEO
The concept of WebFindYou was derived in early 2009 by Robert Blankenship, an Internet Veteran with over 20 years of experience in Internet Marketing and Development, who recognized most businesses were not maximizing the full traffic potential of their website. Given Robert's technical, SEO, and Internet acumen, this inspired him to innovate a simplified technological solution so companies could optimize their sites for search at a price point far less than that of traditional Search Engine Marketing firms which would ensure a positive return on investment. The solution he came up with was WebFindYou. Founded in December of 2009, WebFindYou now serves an international, multi-lingual client base.

The cornerstone product of WebFindYou, the uniquely designed WebFindYou platform, was built to provide a wide range of customers with varying levels of Internet know-how, ranging from webmasters and web designers to SEO Marketing firms to non-technical people, with a medium that makes SEO easy to implement, so every business can have a search engine friendly website. For those that understand SEO and want to be in charge of it themselves, the WebFindYou platform greatly reduces their implementation time and saves them money. For non-technical people or business owners who don't have time to tend to their website but still want to see more traffic coming in, the WebFindYou platform, along with the additional SEO and Internet Marketing services offered by WebFindYou, makes it possible.

To combat the negative connotations many people associate this industry, an important aspect of Robert's vision for WebFindYou was to build departments specializing in every sector of Internet Marketing, so that every client could be dealt with on an individual basis and all work could be done in-house.

In today's world, potential customers are using search engines, not the yellow pages, to find businesses like yours. If your website is not running on the WebFindYou platform, you're missing out on a lucrative business opportunity. Contact us today to discover why WebFindYou is the last SEO and Internet marketing company you'll ever need.

A Personal Note from our CEO, Robert Blankenship

Hello and welcome to WebFindYou! I wanted to personally thank you for stopping by the WebFindYou website. I take great pride in providing a valuable, effective service. I'm confident that learning more about the WebFindYou platform and seeing what it can do for your business will be one of the best business decisions you'll ever make. You'll find that the Pricing to move your website onto the WebFindYou platform or have us build you a new website is very small in comparison to the ROI (Return on Investment). See how much of a difference WebFindYou can make by giving us a chance - I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

I'm always available to answer any comments or questions you may have regarding WebFindYou. I look forward to welcoming you into the WebFindYou family!

- Robert Blankenship
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