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Press Release
   Integrated Email Marketing Is the Newest Feature of the Already Successful and Powerful WebFindYou All-in-One Digital Marketing Platform
   WebFindYou Adds IDX Integrations For Real Estate Companies and Agents
   WebFindYou Adds Multi-Channel Support to Its Live Chat Component
   WebFindYou Adds New Live Chat Component to its Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology
   WebFindYou Elevates Its All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology With Enhanced Social Media Manager
   WebFindYou Furthers its International Expansion into Chile, The Technical Mecca of Latin America
   WebFindYou Helps Businesses Make Data-Driven Decisions With New Survey Component
   WebFindYou Integrates New Task Management Component Within Its Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology
   WebFindYou Launches FREE True Digital Marketing Master Class
   WebFindYou Launches WebFindYou Pay To Provide Superior Rates and Streamlined Payment Processing
   WebFindYou Makes Its FREE True Digital Marketing Master Class Now Available at Any Time!
   WebFindYou Offers Solution to Companies Scoring Poorly on Google Core Web Vitals Update
   WebFindYou Unveils Its New Link in Bio Feature for Instagram and Other Social Media Platforms
   WebFindYou, All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology, Announces Official Launch to the US and International Markets

   Pay Per Click Advertising Agency, Pay Per Click Store, Forges Strategic Alliance With WebFindYou to Enhance Their Clients' Organic Search Results
   SEO Website Provider WebFindYou Achieves Better Search Engine Rankings For Many Clients All at Once
   SEO Website Provider WebFindYou Unveils New Features to its Web and SEO Platform
   SEO Website Provider WebFindYou Unveils Technology and Services
   WebFindYou Becomes World's First True Digital Marketing Technology

3 Minute Digital Digest
   Ads Can't Deny Climate Change Says Google and YouTube
   Advertising Alliances: Google and BigCommerce vs Microsoft and Shopify
   AI Chatbot News Roundup: Snapchat, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter and More!
   AI News Roundup: ChatGPT-4, Midjourney V5, Microsoft's Copilot, and More!
   AI Text-to-Image Generator DALL-E Mini Goes Viral
   Amazon Adds Buy Now, Pay Later Option At Checkout
   Amazon Could Be Your Next Healthcare Provider
   Amazon Is in Legal Hot Water for Alleged Unfair Business Practices
   Amazon Launches Amp Which Allows You To Be a DJ and More!
   Amazon No Longer Accepting Visa Payments in the UK
   Amazon Outage Affected Sites and Services Worldwide
   Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat: Who Made the Most in Ad Revenue?
   Apple Roundup: Monopolist Business Policies and USB-C Official by 2024
   Apple Teases To Launch New Search Engine
   Are Tech-Savvy Audiences Skewing Your Analytics?
   Attention SEOers and Advertisers! Google Made 2 Changes and 1 Mistake
   Buy Now, Pay Later Model Sweeps Global Markets Now, Not Later!
   Canva Slides Into Video Editing
   ChatGPT and Lensa AI Apps Are Scary Good at What They Do
   CNN Is Getting Into Streaming
   Consumers Spend As Much Time Viewing Social Media Content As Traditional TV
   Cybercrime May Spike Upwards During Holiday Season
   Cybercriminals Are Tricking Search Engines and Running Scams on Social Lately
   December Roundup of Instagram's New Features
   Discover SEO Gold With Social Media
   Elon Clashes With Apple
   Elon Musk Bought Nearly 10% of Twitter and Joined Its Board of Directors
   Elon Musk Hopes To Start Implanting Neuralink Microchips in Human Brains in 2022
   Elon Musk Owns Twitter: Now What?
   Even YouTube Wants To Be Like TikTok
   Facebook Debuts New Shopping Features Just in Time for the Holidays
   Facebook Marketplace Lets You Ship to Non-Locals and More!
   Facebook Struggles To Report 15% of iOS Web Conversions
   France Joins Austria in Declaring Google Analytics Illegal
   From Hacked Servers to Vulnerable Themes, What's Up With WordPress?
   From Rage Shakes to More Stickers for Stories, See What's New on Instagram in November
   Gen Z's New Favorite App: BeReal
   Get in Line, The Twitter Verification Request Train Is Rolling Again
   Google Adds Continuous Search Results for Mobile Users
   Google Adds Experience to Its E-A-T Concept
   Google Could Be Gambling With Your CTRs With Its Page Meta Title Update
   Google Disputes Engineer's Claim That Its AI Is Sentient
   Google Docs Adds AI-Generated Summaries, Collaborative Email Templates, and More!
   Google Dropped Its Third Product Reviews Update
   Google Facing Lawsuit Over Location Data and FloC Has Been Replaced With 'Topics'
   Google Introduces Vehicle Ads
   Google Officially Rolls Out Desktop Experience Update February 1st
   Google Plans To Reinvent Search
   Google Rolls Out November 2021 Webspam Update
   Google Search Retires Support for Internet Explorer 11
   Google Simplifies Tag Manager and Adds 4 New Features for Discovery Ads
   Google Unveils Its Bard Chatbot To Rival ChatGPT
   Google Updates To Know: Universal Analytics Will Retire, SMS Alerts for Local SMBs, and More!
   Google's Helpful Content Update Puts People First, Not Search
   Google's Multisearch Feature Combines Images and Text
   Google's MusicLM Creates Music From Text in Any Genre
   Google's Rolling Out Their November 2021 Core Update
   Instagram Adds Music to Photos and More In-App Features!
   Instagram Announces How Its Reel's Algorithm Works
   Instagram Copies TikTok and Users Are Already Upset
   Instagram Drops 10k Follower Requirement for Adding Story Links
   Instagram Is Testing a New Option Allowing Users To Rearrange Their Profile's Photo Grid
   Instagram Launches Channels: A Telegram-Like Chat Feature
   Instagram Lets You Shop in the DMs
   Instagram Now Let's Everyone in the US Tag Products
   Instagram Refreshes Its Visual Brand Elements
   Instagram Swipes Left on 'Swipe Up' Links And Replaces Feature With Stickers
   Instagram Tests 'Add Topics' Option for Reels
   Instagram Tests New Features to Better Control the User Experience
   Instagram Upgrades API and Tests 'Scheduled' Story Stickers
   Instagram's New Click To WhatsApp Feature Enhances Customer Connection on Message Ads
   Instagram's New Features Wrapped Up for January 2022
   Instagram's New Features Wrapped Up for October
   Intuit Buys Mailchimp for $12 Billion To Focus on Small Businesses
   It's Facebook Official. They're Called Meta Now
   Leaked Memo Claims Facebook Is Altering Its Algorithm To Mirror TikTok's Feed
   Legal Slam Dunk Win for South Korea Over Tech Duopoly
   LinkedIn Adds Bell Icon to Profiles so People Can Subscribe to Your Content
   LinkedIn Goes Live With Newsletter Feature
   LinkedIn Is Launching a Business Manager and Adds New Features
   LinkedIn Officially Debuts Its Freelance Services Marketplace Globally
   LinkedIn Shuts Down Its App in China
   LinkedIn Shuts Down Stories Feature No One Knew Existed
   Massive Social Media Outage Hurts Businesses Worldwide
   Mercado Libre Is Becoming an Ecommerce Giant in LATAM
   Meta Adds New Ad Automation Tools and In-App Post Scheduling for Instagram
   Meta Advances New AI Model That Translates 200 Languages in Real-Time
   Meta Down by $31 Billion As Facebook User Base Shrinks
   Meta Is Launching a Paid Verification Service
   Meta Launched Anti-TikTok Campaigns and Faces Lawsuits Over Facebook Ads
   Meta Launches Monetization Programs for Metaverse Creators
   Meta Threatens To Shut Down Facebook and Instagram in the EU
   Meta Will Expand Instagram Reels API to Developers
   Meta's Facebook Reels Launches Globally
   Meta's Horizon Worlds Is So Buggy, Employees Barely Use It
   Microsoft Office Rebrands to Microsoft 365, Launching New Apps and More!
   Microsoft Plans To Update Bing Search With ChatGPT in March
   Mozilla and Chrome Browsers Will Upgrade Soon to Version 100
   Neeva: An Ad-Free Search Experience
   Netflix May Support Ads To Recuperate Viewership Losses
   NFT Startup Bitski Wants In on the Metaverse
   Nvidia Believes Metaverse Could Save Companies Billions
   PayPal May Acquire Pinterest for $45 Billion
   Reddit Redesigns Feed With New Discover Tab
   Reel In New Audiences With Facebook Reels
   Research Suggests That Amazon's Alexa Uses Voice Data for Ad Targeting
   Rumor Has It That Facebook Will Change Its Name
   Russia Banned Social Media so People Are Using VPNs To Evade Ban
   Samsung Will Launch NFT Marketplace for Its New Lineup of Smart TVs
   Sept. 28th Marks TikTok's First-Ever Global Business Event: TikTok World
   Snapchat Adds Bitmoji Direct Message Reactions and Emoji Polls
   Snapchat Takes Trying Virtual Clothes On to the Next Level
   Social Media Companies Double Down on Mixed-Reality Tech
   Social Media Companies Make Updates to Their Platforms Amid Ukraine-Russia Conflict
   Spotify and Reddit Swipe From TikTok's Playbook With New Looks and Features
   Spotify Courts Advertisers With 'All Ears On You' Campaign
   Streaming Ads Take Center Stage For Holiday Shopping
   Target Untapped Audiences With Reddit's Conversation Placement Ad Tool
   Tech Companies Battle Misinformation During Russia's Invasion of Ukraine
   The EU Will Make USB-C Charging Ports the Standard by 2024
   The Facebook Messenger Team Adds New Chat Tools and Features To Close Out 2021
   The FTC Sends Warning to Ad Agencies and Businesses
   The Future of AI-Generated Multimedia Is Sooner Than You Think
   The Global Chip Shortage's Newest Target Is Automakers
   There's More Talk About TikTok
   TikTok Gears Up To Enter the Search Ads Market Alongside Google and Microsoft
   TikTok Is Entering the Restaurant Business
   TikTok Is Testing Out A Stories Feature
   TikTok Launches Basic Text-to-Image AI Generator
   TikTok Launches BeReal Clone Called TikTok Now
   TikTok Launches Creator Education Program for Advertisers
   TikTok Makes Deals With US Officials To Avoid Being Banned
   TikTok Quietly Launches In-App Shopping in the US
   TikTok Will Launch Paid Subscription Program for Select Live-Streamers
   TikTok Won the Most Downloaded App for iOS To Finish 2021 Strong
   TikTok's Digital Zine Highlights Brands Winning on the App With Their Marketing
   TikTok's Testing a New Clear Mode for Watching Videos
   TikTok's Top-Tier Tips for Better Performing Video Ads
   TikTok's Videos Have Expanded to 10 Minutes
   Twitter Adds Pin Tweet Option for Communities
   Twitter Articles Will Allow Long-Form Content on Platform
   Twitter Is Finally Testing an Edit Button
   Twitter Launches Twitter Shops!
   Twitter Lets You Combine Photos, Videos, and GIFs in a Single Post
   Twitter May Launch Podcast Tab, Facebook Campus Shuts Down, and Instagram Adds Automated In-Feed Video Captions
   Twitter Now Lets All Spaces Broadcasters Record Their Chats
   Twitter Tests Vibe Checks for Conversations
   Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey Resigns
   U.S. Government Proposes Bill To Limit Targeted Advertising
   User-Generated Content Influences Consumers More Than Influencers
   Using Admin or Author vs. Real Names: Does Google Care Who Wrote the Article?
   Verizon Adds 5G to Five More Cities
   Walmart Is Joining the Metaverse
   Watch Out Copywriters, HAL's Coming for Ya (Or So They Think)
   We Are Rosie Launches Tool to Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process
   What the Tweet Is Going On?
   What To Expect From Social Networks This Holiday Season
   What's in Store for Twitter After Elon Musk Purchases the Platform?
   What's Up With WordPress December Edition: 800K Sites Still Affected by SEO Plugin
   What's Up With WordPress This Time?
   Whistleblower Claims Twitter's Cybersecurity Policies Were Careless
   Will Google's MUM Redefine Search?
   Will He, Won't He? Elon Musk Potential Twitter Takeover
   Young People Are Chipping Away at Google's Core Products, Exec Says
   YouTube Brings Shorts to TVs
   YouTube's Testing Links to Places Mentioned in Videos and Organized Subscription

   92% of the USA Market Doesn't Have the Budget Available to Pay for True Digital Marketing. Discover the Solution: WebFindYou!
   A Brief History of Google's Last 7 Major Algorithm Updates
   Best Times to Post on Facebook and Twitter for Maximum Effect
   Black Friday 2019: Get Ready for the Biggest Discount Party of the Year
   Chatbot: The New Alternative in Online Customer Service
   Did You Know That 92% of the 30 million Businesses in the United States are Failing at Digital Marketing?
   Digital Summit Philadelphia 2018 Will Mark The End of July With the Most Ground-breaking Digital Marketing Strategies
   Ecommerce: its Unstoppable Evolution and Worldwide Acceptance
   Effectively Implement Promotions this Holiday Season to Attract New Clients and Increase Sales
   Emojis and How to Use Them in Marketing Strategies
   Engagement Tactics for Social Media
   Find Out Why Technology has Played a Major Role in Russia During the 2018 World Cup
   Get More Clients This Holiday Season! Discover How Email Marketing Can Help
   Get to Know The 10 Most Valuable Brands Around the World: 2018 Brandz Top 100
   Google Just Announced Their May 2020 Core Algorithm Update
   Google's 21st Year Anniversary
   Google's New Core Web Vitals: Everything You Need to Know to Help Your SEO and Conversions
   Google's Top Trending Topics of 2014
   Help Santa Find Your Website This Holiday Season
   How the Google Penguin Update has Affected SEO Practices
   Link in Bio Instagram Feature by WebFindYou: A Simplified Solution With Interactive Functionality
   M-Commerce in 2019: More Users Will Make Purchases Via Mobile This Year
   Responsible AI Licenses (RAIL): A Warning Against Irresponsible and Harmful Code
   Top 3 Reasons Why an SEO Website Can Optimize Your Holiday Marketing Strategy
   Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019
   Understanding the Importance of Customer Experience on Your Website
   URL Shortener: An Essential Tool in a Time When Less is More
   Valentine's Day Digital Marketing: Show Your Brand Some Love
   Warning from Google Webmaster Tools: Fix Mobile Usability Issues or Risk Lower Search Rank
   WebFindYou Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month
   What Are the Advantages of Chatbots?
   What Will the New Instagram Logo Do for their Social Media Marketing?
   Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
   Why Google Recommends Using an Experienced and Knowledgeable SEO Company
   Why WebFindYou Is a True and Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology
   Why You'll Save $1,500+ on Average with WebFindYou in Just the Tools and Services Needed to Achieve True Digital Marketing
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