Rain Gutters Solution's Case Study

Client Overview Rain Gutters Solution is family-owned business that has gained recognition in Miami. They offer manufacturing, repairing or cleaning services for any kind of rain gutters, in compliance with their clients' needs, for both commercial and residential locations. View Results >>
Rain Gutters Solution felt the need to create a website for their company, but their investment capacity was limited, that's why at WebFindYou we offered them our web design kit service, in which we offer an optimized SEO website which canbe recognized by search engines like Google. Also, we taught them how to start their website's positioning.

The owner of Rain Gutters Solution, realizing his company was increasing its online presence —thanks to the initial work done by WebFindYou—, called us again to set a new partnership, so we started working with the Digital Marketing service. This service made them obtain better web search engine optimization results, which in turn generated more sales and a win-win relationship between the company and WebFindYou.

Currently, we keep achieving more and more positioning growth and more traffic on Rain Gutters Solution's SEO website:

The web design kit service offered by WebFindYou started with the design of a responsive SEO website, —a website that can adapt to all digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops— and includes the unique functionality and website browsing advantages that our WebFindYou Platform provides. The result was a modern-looking, custom web design that strategically positioned their services and contact channels by inviting the user to contact them and enjoy their services. Additionally, this service allowed the company to answer not only to English speakers but Spanish speakers too.

WebFindYou is currently working with this company side by side, offering our Digital Marketing services and personalized customer service. Our team of professionals are constantly working to update and adapt the website's strategy campaign to match the ever-changing world of digital media and search engine optimization. To achieve this, they focus on keyword analysis and measurement, as well as SEO strategies that help increase their online visibility—locally. This way, WebFindYou can show monthly growth in user and leads, which in turn generates significative overall growth in business sales.

Rain Gutters Solution is a success story in every local area they cover when it comes to web positioning. At WebFindYou, we run GEO Location strategies that allow us to identify our clients' target audience in the specific locations of their coverage area. We accomplish this trough geographic orientation techniques called Local SEO. These strategies help to achieve better positioning results. —When you visit a website with a geotag, Google knows what region is prioritized for your web positioning. What's great about this is that the users in this region will be able to locate their services faster since the company will appear in their search engine results.

This service also includes social media marketing and management from our specialized team, who follow a custom social media marketing plan for Rain Gutters Solution day by day. WebFindYou expands the company's chances to grow and position themselves in the Internet by increasing interactions between them and their users, and getting more "Likes" and "Shares", which in the future could translate into new business opportunities.
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Jesús Pulido - Miami, FLMarch 26, 2016

My experience with the company has been very good. I feel pleased with the excellent customer service, constant communication, and work ethics that I have experienced with all of WebFindYou's employees. I am satisfied with the unparalleled results of the monthly increase in my website's visibility.

My company reached a new level. It has grown so much thanks to WebFindYou's excellent services. I have had to hire more employees, because in only one year, we have tripled our sales.

I am very happy with the help that you have given us through your services. Thanks!

[This testimonial was translated from its original Spanish version.]

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