Answers to common questions
Q: What makes WebFindYou different from other SEO Companies?
A: Our WebFindYou Platform allows us to provide top quality SEO services at a price point that can makes sense. Most good SEO Companies charge a lot of money for their SEO Services, and rightfully so, as considerable time must be invested to provide you with quality results. However at WebFindYou we have our WebFindYou Platform which greatly reduces our overhead and time investment required to provide the same quality of SEO Services, thereby lowering our costs and thus yours. At WebFindYou, we can provide the same quality of SEO services and results at a cost that is often 50% - 75% less than other SEO Companies.

Q: Do I have to run my website on the WebFindYou Platform?
A: Yes, as it is what immediately provides your website with required functionalities and technical implementations that search engines depend on to rank your website higher in search engine results. It is also what makes steps two and three of SEO easier to implement on your website (see the Search Engine Optimization section for more information).

We don't provide SEO Services for websites that are not running on our platform. Careful time, planning, and development has been invested and continues to be invested into the WebFindYou Platform and it is what allows us to provide superior quality SEO at affordable pricing.

Q: Do I still retain my domain name if I run on the WebFindYou Platform?
A: Yes. When we state you are running on the WebFindYou Platform this simply means that a website is created for you that is hosted on our servers and uses our technology. Your domain name would simply point to our servers instead of the servers you currently use. We work with you and your domain register to make the pointing of your domain name to your new WebFindYou website a simple process.

Q: How long does it take to have my website up and running on the WebFindYou Platform?
A: That depends on many different factors like if you have a website currently or not and if we are creating a new design or not. If we are just moving your current website over to the WebFindYou Platform and you just have a standard informational website then typical implementation times are 1 - 2 weeks. If we are creating a new design for you as well then the time could increase to 3 - 6 weeks. More time is required for more complex websites. However, we are very efficient at what we do so we can typically meet any required deadline. Just contact us and let us know what you need and we'll do everything possible to meet your deadlines.

Q: How long does it take to get more traffic via search engines?
A: Once you are completely setup on the WebFindYou platform, it can take anywhere from 1 – 6 months depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting. We've had many clients within just 2 weeks receive more new traffic via search engines. However the standard rule is 1 - 6 months since you are subject to the time it takes the search engines to crawl your website, update their caching information, and begin cataloging your website. However, once you begin using the WebFindYou platform we will tell the search engines to review your site immediately. From that point it's up to the search engines for how long it takes them to update you in their system.

Q: There are companies out there that will SEO my current existing site, so why should I use WebFindYou?
A: Yes there are other companies out there like this; however their costs are much higher than WebFindYou. Furthermore once they SEO your current website what happens when you want to add new product pages, or add a new informational page like a Press Release or News Section? You'll have to ask that company to help you SEO those pages creating additional costs to you. Furthermore you'll have to hire a programmer or designer to create those new pages for you. However, with the WebFindYou Platform all of that is done for you automatically saving you money. You just point and click to create new pages and products and we tell you how to correctly optimize those pages, you can do it all yourself very easily with WebFindYou.

Q: There are many design companies out there, why should I use WebFindYou?
A: There are very few companies out there that can provide quality design and search engine optimization services at the same time. The majority of companies out there are a design or SEO company, but not a SEO Web Design company like WebFindYou. Therefore if you design your website with a web design company and then later use another company to search engine optimize your website then the SEO company will re-do some of the work that the web design company already did, creating unnecessary costs to you. Furthermore, the SEO Company will need to implement many of the things the WebFindYou platform already provides, further increasing your total overall investment.

With WebFindYou, we first create your professional web design and then once approved by you, we apply it to our proprietary web platform to create your website. And because the WebFindYou platform was built for search engines, your website immediately has all the technical elements it needs to maximize its ability to rank within search engines, keeping your overall investment for web design and SEO as low and efficient as possible.

Furthermore once your web design is completed and your web site is optimized what happens when you want to add new pages to your website? You'll have to contact your web designer to create new pages on your website further increasing your costs. With the WebFindYou platform you can easily create new pages at no additional cost to you.
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