Why WebFindYou Is a True and Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology

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June 01, 2021
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The term "All-in-One" has taken center stage over the last few years as it relates to different technologies, especially those related to digital marketing. It seems now that everyone is claiming they are "All-in-One" in some way or another. However, we're here to set the record straight and show that to be a "True All-in-One" you need to have the majority of the tools required to properly implement and manage your digital marketing and that it should all be done from one login/interface.

In addition, we want to show you why WebFindYou is not only a "True All-in-One" but a "Unique All-in-One." One that greatly simplifies the complexities of implementing digital marketing (SEO, PPC, social media, etc.), saves you time and money, and reduces the work into what we call "Simplified Content Marketing."

Digital Marketing Concepts Shown as Puzzle Pieces Which WebFindYou's True and Unique All-in-One Technology Completes
With WebFindYou, unlike anyone else in the market, you simply need to follow the exact steps that our technology provides you. Our technology tells you when, how, and what to do and all you have to do is follow our easy-to-follow video tutorials.

And when Google, Bing, or social media platforms modify their algorithms, WebFindYou will auto-update your website wherever possible and notify you of any other changes that you need to make.

WebFindYou is for companies, agencies, and freelancers. Our mission is to make successful digital marketing simple and affordable for everyone. Equally, we want to fix the tainted digital marketing industry that often gives businesses only pieces of the complicated digital marketing puzzle based on their budget restrictions. However, those individual pieces, more often than not, don't provide enough value to produce a positive ROI and leave the business frustrated and at a loss. In addition, those individual pieces aren't cohesively supporting other pieces of the digital marketing puzzle, further exacerbating lost potential. Furthermore, for the DIY'ers, freelancers, and smaller agencies, these individual pieces often lack the step-by-step guidance to properly implement and maximize them for themselves or their clients.

The key to successful digital marketing is doing as much of the digital marketing puzzle as possible. That's why, with WebFindYou starting at only $49 per month, any business can afford to do digital marketing the correct and successful way and with step-by-step guidance with easy-to follow-video tutorials from one simple-to-use interface. The best way of viewing WebFindYou is that we are the Tesla of the auto industry. Tesla revolutionized the auto industry by simplifying the automobile.

Well, WebFindYou has done the same with the digital marketing industry, by greatly simplifying it and using innovative technology to do so. So keep reading below so you can better educate yourself. Through education, you can become more aware as a business owner and ensure you choose the successful paths that grow your business and not the long, arduous, and unsuccessful ones.

The Importance of an All-in-One Technology for Digital Marketing

To best understand what an all-in-one digital marketing technology is and show why it's so crucial now in this ever-evolving process of marketing your brand, products and services via the Internet, it's important you first fully know the definition of digital marketing. If you're already familiar, then keep on reading, but if you're not, you can refresh your memory here: What Does Digital Marketing Mean.

Man Holding Digital Marketing Icons, Showing the Importance of an All-in-One Technology for Digital Marketing
You can understand and see why there are a lot of concepts to grasp within digital marketing, and there's even more involved in executing it successfully.

But we've got to set the record straight here and talk about what's happening today within the digital marketing industry before we get into these "so-called" all-in-one technologies. Because what we see right now is an industry that has changed in a way that has made vulnerable businesses no longer believe in digital marketing.

The Tainted Digital Marketing Landscape

The digital marketing industry has become complex, time-consuming, costly, but most importantly, it's ever-evolving and now has become tainted.

Think about the businesses that are suffering at the hands of the tech industry with their ever-changing policies, algorithms, competitiveness, new software fads, and inexperienced digital marketers with flawed strategies or insufficient knowledge to maximize leads and sales.

Despite what many digital marketing gurus or social media marketing influencers might lead you to believe, simply running paid ads via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Search, or simply launching an email marketing campaign isn't enough if you want to stay competitive and successful with your digital marketing strategies and efforts.

Frustrated Man at Desk Realizing the Digital Marketing Industry Has Become Costly, Time-Consuming and Ever-Evolving
Why isn't it enough?

Think about the Internet and search engines, for example. Google changes their search algorithms on average 500 to 600 times a year with major updates every now and then, which means SEO specialists need to adapt to stay ahead of the game.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is and always has been a combination of organic results plus paid results, although many nowadays consider SEM to be strictly paid (but that's another topic). However, as of a few years ago, the search engine result pages (SERPs) became more and more saturated with paid ads that take up almost half the results on the first page versus organic results, which has limited the organic results' visibility and increased the costs of paid ads. And now, with Google joining Apple with the elimination of cookies, digital marketers will have to continue to adapt and ensure maximum optimization practices to effectively reach and convert their audiences.

Let's talk social.

Facebook, for example, has changed how you can target your ads and just adds to the list of complexities of getting in front of your audience.

Besides the technical challenges of getting in front of your audience on social and search, look at the behavioral challenges digital marketers face when trying to get in front of their audience. How many times have we seen a social media platform rise and fall, so now you have to adapt, strategize and support every new social media platform that arises.

Laptop With Facebook Open Showing How Targeted Ads Have Changed Adding More Complexities to Marketing
The point is, digital marketing is fast-paced on every channel it exists in. So what happens to small and medium-sized businesses or freelancers and agencies that are just trying to make it? They get caught up in not knowing how to implement the right digital marketing strategy because the current ones change or evolve, and new digital marketing channels are created. And to maximize digital, you have to leverage as many digital marketing channels as possible or, as we say, "doing as much of the digital marketing puzzle as possible." Those of us in the digital marketing industry are staying abreast of all the technological changes and adaptations we have to make, but it's the small to medium-sized businesses who may not be up-to-date or have the time as well, so they fall behind in this competitive landscape.

Technology to the Rescue!

So what has the digital marketing industry done to address this? They've built technology to try to simplify the digital marketing process to make our lives easier, and that's what an all-in-one digital marketing technology is supposed to do. Its goal is to simplify and automate as much of the digital marketing process as possible to maximize results while minimizing costs and operational support. The keywords here are "simplify" and "automate." With that, the costs to implement, manage, and automate the digital marketing process should level the playing field for businesses of all sizes assuming the license fees of these technologies are kept low, which is not the case for many as you will see below.

Woman's Finger Pressing Marketing Automation Button That Ideally Simplifies, Reduces Cost, Making Marketing Affordable for All

Ooops...Not So Fast!

News flash! The companies that develop technologies that are labeled all-in-one are still contributing to the problems that we see in the traditional digital marketing industry. They're still complicated to use, and they're built to support the "à-la-carte" and "plugin" model of digital marketing, which is a big part of the problem (but that's a separate conversation). They're still expensive, so that doesn't level the playing field for all businesses; most of the time, they require experts to use them, they don't simplify the digital marketing process as much as possible, and the list goes on.

Frustrated Man in Front of Computer Desk Thinking Marketing Technology Should Simplify the Digital Marketing Process
Many of these so-called "all-in-one" technologies are simply advanced content management and/or customer relationship management (CRM) systems that integrate various third-party apps, plugins, and/or services—essentially a digital marketing Frankenstein of technology. And who wants that? Not us.

To best understand what a "True All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology" is, it's essential to understand what it is not and why many of the digital marketing technologies might appear to be "all-in-one" or say they are "all-in-one," but in reality, they're not.

All-in-One Debunked

Marketing technology companies have been throwing around the term "all-in-one" loosely. But we get it. Many brands, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even agencies are looking for that one-size-fits-all approach to stack their marketing tools and technologies together. That's why you'll often see marketing tech companies combine various marketing tools and components and integrate them into one hub, platform, interface, etc.

Man Touching Digital Board With Marketing Automation Technology Icons. Unfortunately These Technologies Aren't 100% Integrated
They're usually built around an integrated CRM with email marketing automation capabilities, social media integrations with post scheduling and analytics, some SEO tools and reporting, website tracking and analytics, ecommerce integrations, live chat capabilities, landing page builders, A/B testing tools, content management systems, and whatever additional third-party digital marketing tools and components that you can integrate into their platform. Sounds like it has everything you would need and want right?

Well, that's the thing. On the surface, they come across as an all-in-one digital marketing technology, but they aren't 100% truly integrated with in-house digital marketing technologies that focus on each discipline and channel within digital marketing. They depend on plugins and outside integrations heavily, and that can be problematic.

And remember, these technologies are supposed to simplify the digital marketing process. Still, without a strategist or team working together, these technologies aren't going to properly guide you on doing digital marketing the right way. True all-in-one digital marketing technology, as we like to call it, should be simplifying and automating as much of the process as possible. In addition, it should guide you every step of the way, telling you what to do and when to do it, using technology to check and balance portions of your work. This will help ensure you are doing everything you should be doing and doing it the right way to maximize what we call "the true power of the Internet" for brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Robotic Finger Touching Human Finger Via Laptop Symbolizing How All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology is Guiding You
These marketing technology companies are, therefore, "all-in-one marketing automation platforms" but not "true" all-in-one digital marketing technologies and can be seen as a house with a general subset of digital marketing tools and components that are kind of like "a jack of all trades master of none" in their functionalities, so to speak.

Others Are Saying the Same

We're with Instapage and their take on all-in-one digital marketing software. These all-in-ones provide tools and functionalities that may fall short in their capabilities. That's because they aren't specialized pieces of software that can leverage every digital marketing channel to its max potential, which only poses as a partial solution for your brand.

Tablet Displaying Marketing Automation Tools That Fall Short, Costly, Complex and Don't Leverage Digital Channels Properly
These companies often provide solutions that rely on third-party plugins, so what happens when a plugin on your platform decides to upgrade? The plugin that you've integrated into your marketing automation hub may not perform well with your site or can pose a security risk. Now, you're locked into an outdated piece of software, or you're faced with replacing the plugin at a cost to you.

Running into compatibility issues seems like a long-term problem, and you or your marketing team needs their marketing tools and components to function as efficiently as possible. Some other downsides of these all-in-one platforms can be their price and their ease of use. These platforms were made for companies with multiple teams and departments and for larger companies bringing in at least a million dollars or more in yearly revenue.

They're not really meant to be used by the self-starter, freelancer, or solo entrepreneur, but you can if you wish to. And when it comes to ease of use, the learning curve can be pretty daunting since what they're providing is the technology and not the direction of how to use it to its max potential, as we mentioned earlier, and if they do provide consulting, it's at an additional cost to you.

So what would you call a "true" all-in-one digital marketing technology, and how would that compare when defining other all-in-one digital marketing platforms or marketing automation platforms? Let's set the record straight on why they aren't a "true" all-in-one.

Why They Aren't A "True" All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology

Who's they? When we say they, we're referring to companies that provide marketing automation platforms or so-called "all-in-one" marketing platforms. You'll see on the market today, HubSpot Marketing Hub, ActiveCampaign, Marketing 360, Keap (formerly known as InfusionSoft), Marketo, VBOUT, Mailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform, Pardot by Salesforce, and SharpSpring, just to name a few. We'll collectively break down each of these marketing automation platforms and all-in-one solutions to show you why they aren't a true all-in-one digital marketing technology, which will allow you to better understand why WebFindYou is and also why WebFindYou is unique.

Let's take SharpSpring, Keap, Active Campaign, and Pardot by Salesforce as an example. What do they all have in common?

At their very core, they are CRMs with email marketing automation functionalities that focus on lead nurturing, capturing and generation, and ad targeting on social via email. So you won't be able to host your website using these platforms, but they'll let you create landing pages or forms just to capture leads using a WYSIWYG landing page editor with no SEO value that you can share on the Internet.

Why Are These Various Marketing Automation Companies Not True All-in-One Digital Marketing Technolgies
These platforms let you trigger events/actions based on a user's interactions with an email, for example, or if a user visited your site and triggered an event such as filling out a form, added something to their cart but didn't checkout, or whatever conditional statement you set based on a user's behavior. They basically automate tasks for the sales and marketing teams during different stages of the sales funnel as an inbound marketing strategy.

So why aren't they a true all-in-one digital marketing technology?

Well, they rely heavily on interconnections and third-party plugins, so you're still stuck with adding more costly tools into your marketing technology stack. Example: Pardot heavily pushes its users to integrate and connect to their Salesforce software. And like we said earlier about their core model, they're more focused on capturing, nurturing, and organizing leads through email automation, targeting ads on social via email, and they're just a CRM that allows you to segment lists of contacts so you can personalize your messaging through different stages of the sales funnel.

Various Marketing Automation Companies That Aren't Truly Interconnected or Simplfying How Digital Marketing Should Be Done
While some of these platforms may have more features than others, the fact still remains that these platforms still don't support each discipline and strategy within digital marketing as a whole. Their main focus is to help the marketing and sales team with nurturing, generating, and organizing leads.

What about Marketo, Marketing 360, Mailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform, VBOUT, and HubSpot's Marketing Hub? Where do these companies and their software fit within the realm of a true all-in-one digital marketing technology?

These companies and their products are more of a marketing automation software solution than an all-in-one digital marketing technology. They provide software that automates and measures marketing engagement, tasks, and workflows between the sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

They also have built-in CRMs that focus heavily on lead nurturing, generating, scoring, and organizing leads for the marketing and sales teams to keep track of. They let you build custom landing pages to capture leads with personalized messaging and let you build custom lead nurturing workflows. The platforms mentioned allow you to post and manage your social media profiles, let you see what your audience may be saying about your brand via social and provide some SEO assistance, tools, analyses, and website reporting features.

Do these platforms provide your brand with a CMS? Only the Mailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform, Marketing 360, and HubSpot's Marketing Hub provide you with a website builder and content management system that can be hosted on their platforms.

But what do all these platforms and technologies have in common?

They're not true all-in-one digital marketing technologies. This reason being is that they aren't an in-house integrated technology. They rely on the use of interconnecting other companies' software and plugins to complete the full suite of digital marketing tools and functionalities you need to leverage all digital marketing channels. We've said this many times. Relying on third-party plugins and integrating software made by other companies can be costly, and you might run into compatibility and security issues if a plugin requires an update or if it's no longer supported.

The learning curve can be steep with these marketing automation platforms and their albeit attractive UIs look great to the end-user, but it's configuring your marketing automation processes to fit your company's needs that can be overwhelming. For example, Pardot's software has given users so much frustration that people have created an online course just to use the platform and the same goes for HubSpot's and Mailchimp's platform, and it doesn't have to be this way.

Some of these email segmenting features use programming logic that may be off-putting for those who don't have the time to learn conditional statements or use Boolean logic, for example, Pardot's platform uses Salesforce Object Query Language, and you know the average person doesn't have time to learn that.

Man Holding Empty Wallet to Show How Expensive Marketing Automation Platforms Can Be
In a nutshell, these companies who emphasized that they do it "all," what they really are providing for the end-user is a platform that allows you to complement it with other providers and third-party plugins into "one" platform and that isn't a true all-in-one digital marketing technology. It's a Frankenstein of various digital marketing tools and automated functionalities that's put into the body of one single software with an "All-in-One" label.

On top of that, the costs to use these platforms can burn a hole right through your pockets.

Many of the companies mentioned price their plans in tiers, and the prices will increase by a set number of contacts. And within that type of pricing plan based on contacts, they'll give you access to more features and functionalities based on a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum type of pricing plan based on the size of your organization. For those marketing automation companies that do give full access to their software, they'll end up charging you based on the number of contacts your business has.

And there are more costs to consider beyond a subscription. You've got to pay for those integrations and third-party plugins, and you've got to pay for the data migration, training sessions, dashboard and reporting setups, and post-implementation reporting to see how your company has benefited, or in some cases, lost revenue because of the total monthly costs to use these programs.

The costs, time consumption, and difficulties that surround the digital marketing industry have tainted its reputation as a form of advertising. What happened to digital marketing being affordable? Your total yearly spend on digital marketing shouldn't cost as much as a traditional TV spot ad; unless, of course, you've found the sweet spot in your paid ads and are scaling them. The future of digital marketing needs to be disrupted, and at the helm will be a True and Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology to revolutionize the industry — WebFindYou.

Out With the Old and in With the True

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier by simplifying and automating as much as possible. Just look at how robotic technologies are helping us automate the way vehicles are made. Automation equals cost-efficiency and simplicity by lowering the operational support.

List of Components Within the WebFindYou All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology for Companies, Agencies, and Freelancers
Digital marketing shouldn't be any different. It should simplify your life, but sadly, implementing digital marketing today for your business or for a client can be complex, ever-evolving, the rules are ever-changing, companies and their technologies rise and fall, and the same goes for social media platforms and search engines that are constantly changing their algorithms, so what ranked on page one, position one today could be dead last tomorrow.

The future of digital marketing shouldn't be launching websites that rank poorly on Google because you did your SEO backwards or shelled out money to an agency that claimed they could do it for "$29 a month."

The future of digital marketing shouldn't be building out a website with 25+ plugins just because you thought you needed them for your business and now your site is running poorly, or worse, those plugins became incompatible with your site due to updates and now it poses a security risk. The future of digital marketing shouldn't be you using multiple separate interfaces with multiple logins just to use multiple tools and having to pay for each of them separately. This is traditionally what digital marketing looks like in the landscape today, and it's time for it to end with a revolution.

It all adds up because digital marketing is expensive and time-consuming, but not if you're using a revolutionary True and Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology that is WebFindYou. Because the future of digital marketing is built within one single integrated technology that is built in-house and doesn't rely upon small third party-plugins or software made by outsiders.

We've integrated everything you need digitally into one technology to maximize the power of the Internet with less hassles, reduced costs, and increased revenues. And the price for the licensing of our technology is unrivaled compared to these other companies mentioned here. We've reduced the work needed to implement True SEO by 50%, and our technology will save you over $1,500 in just the tools and technologies alone.

WebFindYou: "True" All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology

So what is WebFindYou? At its core, WebFindYou is an SEO content and SEO ecommerce management system, so it eliminates a myriad of the technical elements you must worry about for proper SEO implementation for any website. Our technology provides you with the exact steps of what to do and when to do it and provides textual and video tutorials to show you how to implement digital marketing, SEO, and content marketing within our technology for your brand, your business, or a client's business if you're an agency.

We're all about simplicity, and we've reduced the task of creating SEO content for your website with what we call "Simplified Content Marketing." That's because our technology teaches you how to properly define your website with the keywords and terms that represent your business, and when it comes to content, our technology shows you what type of content should be created with SEO in mind to increase leads and sales.

Our technology provides you with a full suite of digital marketing tools and functionalities without the need for plugins. WebFindYou's technology is the key to helping you maximize the power of the Internet with proper SEO, a customer relationship management system, reputation management system (online reviews), pay-per-click optimization, promotion management, online surveys, web promoter scoring, marketing and sales reporting features, search ranking reporting, data tracking technology for your website and digital channels, trackable short URL generator, live chat, organic and paid social media marketing and management, email marketing automation, online directory management, video marketing, and so much more.

All of our websites are responsive SEO websites that are mobile and tablet friendly and when Google, Bing or social media platforms update their algorithms, WebFindYou will auto-update your website and notify you of any other manual changes you'll need to make.

Car Driving on Road to Success Just Like How Tesla Revolutionized Auto-Industry, WebFindYou Revolutionized Digital Marketing
Just like how Tesla revolutionized the auto industry with its electric vehicles, WebFindYou is revolutionizing and disrupting the digital marketing landscape with its high-performance True and Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology designed to win. So here are the keys to our technology… what are you waiting for?

If you found this article helpful then let us know in the comments section below. Likewise, feel free to share it using the share options below. Want us to cover another topic of your interest pertaining to digital marketing? If so, then like us and follow us on social media, and post to any of our social media profiles the topic you'd like us to discuss: Facebook WebFindYou, Instagram @WebFindYou and Twitter @WebFindYou.

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