Chatbot: The New Alternative in Online Customer Service

July 04, 2018
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CHATBOT The New Alternative in OnLine Customer ServiceOne of the most important aspects for any business selling a product or a service is the possession of a proper customer support system. The way a company treats customers can shed light on the company itself and its management; proper attention from the company and user experience are decisive factors in the customer's overall opinion. If you fail at this, it might spur an unwanted chain reaction that can be detrimental to your business. This is why creating a customer service system destined to satisfy the customer's need in an immediate, friendly, and simple manner must be a priority.

Moreover, it is vital to count on an optimal tool to provide online assistance for the public asking about the product or service offered on your website. In the past, the usual way to help customers was hiring a specific person to handle the task. However, the hiring process of new staff, along with other factors like the waiting time involved for customers, has led to this system being branded as expensive and inefficient. This, in turn, drives potential customers off the site before the completion of any purchase or enquiry.

Nowadays, after many years of technological evolution, an innovative form of customer service has been implemented that forgoes the need for a real person, clarifying the doubt or consultation a user has at a specific time: Chatbots.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is the term used for a software that commonly works with AI Technology and carries the purpose of employing its capabilities to understand natural language and answer any question or enquiry a person may have. In business, chatbots have become a crucial tool for many areas in the market looking to improve and speed up the customer service within a website.

In fact, according to reports from Gartner, by 2020 over 80% of companies will be using chatbots instead of real people, and potential customers will be getting the attention they deserve 24/7. This means that immediacy will become one of the software's most important advantages, as most people look for quick answers and prefer to leave the site altogether if they can't find them.
Advantages of Using a Chatbot on Your Website

Advantages of Using a Chatbot on Your Website

The implementation of a Chatbot on your website is an excellent way to engage visitors. It encourages proximity while optimizing each process within the business because:
  • It is fully available for customers 24 hours a day.
  • It is a low-cost alternative.
  • Its automated nature ensures users a quick answer to their questions. Immediacy is very important.
  • Its data storage capacity will allow the company to be informed about customers' behaviors. This includes people's most pressing concerns, as well as their suggestions and opinions about any product or service being offered in the site.
  • Thanks to its capacity for intelligence, compression, and storage, it can expand its knowledge and, therefore, answer a greater number of questions.

Yes, I Want a Chatbot for My Website. Where Can I Get It?

The market is filled with different types of chatbots and providers to choose from. You must, however, assess your options beforehand, as your goal is to find the most suitable option for your company, whether your business is linked to traveling, finances, fashion, technology, etc. The main purpose is creating a good user experience for all your leads and make them want to become recurring customers. It sounds like a difficult task, doesn't it? Especially because the process of keeping customers goes beyond using a chatbot.

But, what would you say if you had a Digital Marketing Technology that didn't just offer the implementation of a chatbot to your website, but an integral platform to make a true digital marketing campaign capable of maximizing your results?
WebFindYou Integrates a Powerful CHATBOT within our +20 Digital Marketing Tools

WebFindYou, All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology

WebFindYou is the first and only All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology existing in the international market. It integrates over 20 digital tools - all pieces united in one single Technology - to provide everything you need for the execution of true Digital Marketing step by step in one place, managing the process with less hassle, reduced costs, and increased revenues.

Among these 20+ tools for Digital Marketing, WebFindYou integrates the Technology of an online Chat: a feature that allows direct communication with your customers via chat. As we've mentioned before, there are many chat providers in the market, some are free, others aren't, but to use them, you must have a webmaster or a technical entity in charge of including them on your website. That is a process that will cost you time and money. Other chat providers will not grant you the tracking data we offer, which lets you know if the chat session was a result of your SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, or Social Media Marketing campaign. WebFindYou comes with this and many more advantages.

WebFindYou allows you to know all this tracking information, including the websites visited by the user before starting a chat session with you. You will also get important sales and marketing data that will help you turn that lead into a paying customer for your business. In short, WebFindYou simplifies Digital Marketing, increasing the efficiency and revenues while reducing the hassle and costs.

Do you want to know more about our Technology and our integrated chatbot? Fill our contact form or call 1-866-SEO-WEBS (736-9327) to know more about how WebFindYou is revolutionizing and maximizing all Digital Marketing results. We will be happy to assist you!

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