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The WebFindYou Platform is the most cost-effective way to SEO your website!
The WebFindYou Platform is the WebFindYou proprietary Web and SEO platform with integrated SEO, Ecommerce, and a Content Management System (CMS). It provides the concrete foundation for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for any website. If you haven't already, please read our overview on what Search Engine Optimization is and the steps involved to better understand how the WebFindYou Platform manages the first two steps in proper SEO.

The WebFindYou Platform was built for webmasters, web designers, SEO Marketing firms, and non-technical business owners looking to get more value out of their websites. For those that understand SEO and SEO Web Design and what to be in charge of implementing it on their own, the WebFindYou Platform will greatly reduce their implementation time and save them money. For those business owners looking for a company to provide them an SEO Website or a professional SEO Web Design than WebFindYou is their solution as well.

At WebFindYou, we understand that many website owners don't understand what SEO is but they do understand they are not getting visits from Search Engines like Google or Yahoo when they should be. We spent almost a year developing our propietary Web and SEO platform in an effort to make SEO for all websites more manageable and easier to implement, and at a price point that makes sense. The WebFindYou Platform was built for both informational and ecommerce websites. If you're looking to build a website or makes changes to your current website, then do yourself a favor and begin to evolve your website the right way using the WebFindYou Platform. It will save you time and money and will get you found via search engines!

What do you get with the WebFindYou Platform:
  1. An SEO Website that will best help your website rank well withinin Search Engines for your target keywords, allowing you to finally capitalize on the FREE traffic available via search engines.

  2. An Administrative Interface for your website to manage all aspects of your website and account.

  3. A complete Content Management System (CMS) to manage the textual and graphical elements of your website. No need to hire a programmer saving you costs!

  4. Powerful sales & marketing information about user interaction with your website which will allow you to ensure that your SEO, Pay Per Click, Banner and Text Advertisings with 3rd parties are working and generating a positive ROI (return on investment). See Http Referrer Tracking for more information.

  5. A complete Ecommerce Management System (EMS) to sell products via your website, manage inventory, manage shipping options and prices, and much more. We are completely integrated with PayPal checkout. You will not have to pay any merchant account setup or monthly charges, saving you even more compared to other ecommerce systems. All you need to do is create a Website Payments Standard account at PayPal, a 5 minute signup process that we will walk you through. You'll be surprised how easy the WebFindYou platform makes it to sell products via your website.

  6. Multiple Language Support so you can display your website in English, Spanish, French and other languages.

  7. Integrated Newsletter signup and processing.

  8. Detailed Reporting system to know who's registered on your site, who wants to receive further information about your products and services, who's purchased on your website and what they've purchased as well as via what external websites or searches caused purchases or inquiries.

  9. Web Analytics via Google Analytics to know when, from where, and how much traffic is coming into your website.

  10. Unlimited pages. Many Web Design companies charge you based on the number of pages you're site will have. That's not the case with WebFindYou. With the WebFindYou platform you can create unlimited new pages on the fly without any technical knowledge necessary. You can as well use new pages as tracking mechanisms for other marketing strategies you're employing.

  11. Automatic user sitemap creation and updating, and 1-click XML sitemap creation and updating for search engine benefit. This is very important to keep search engines knowledgeable on new pages and products within your website.

  12. SEO Tools to help you optimize textual content and correctly configure important meta tags on your website for the keywords you wish to target. Remember that if you don't have the time to manage this then our SEO Services can be added onto your account at a price point that's not only manageable for your business but will also produce a positive return on investment (ROI).

  13. Web Site Hosting. By running on the WebFindYou Platform your website will be hosted on the state-of-the-art WebFindYou servers, thus you will not need to use any other provider for hosting your website.

  14. Professional and reliable customer and technical support to assist you within any questions or support issues.

  15. Much much more...the WebFindYou Platform is filled with many small details like page linking, email referencing, custom form processing, and many other concepts that will make your website easy to manage and maximize it's internal and free ability to rank well within search engines, meaning more traffic to your website.
Don't delay any longer, the WebFindYou Platform is one of the best investments you'll ever make. We guarantee more traffic to your website or your money back. See our Pricing page for pricing information or Contact Us to get started.

Have additional questions? See our FAQ for further answers on why the WebFindYou Platform is your best option for SEO Web Design and SEO Ecommerce.
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