Our pricing is the most competitive in the SEO industry and allows search engine optimization for your website to be cost effective and justifiable. Our pricing structure accommodates webmasters, designers, and hands-on business owners who want to manage all facets of their website setup and SEO implementation, to business owners or large companies who want to completely outsource their entire website and SEO campaign. If you're looking to resell the WebFindYou services to your own clients then please visit our Reseller Program.

Below is the price list for our services.

WebFindYou Platform
The WebFindYou Platform pricing has one price for informational websites, where no products will be sold, and another price for Ecommerce websites, where it's based on the number of products to be sold. In all cases there is a setup fee and a monthly fee involved.
Number of Products Setup Fee* Monthly Fee*
informational sites only $499.00 $49.00
1 - 25 $599.00 $59.00
26 - 50 $699.00 $69.00
51 - 100 $799.00 $79.00
101 - 250 $899.00 $89.00
251 - 500 $999.00 $99.00
501 - 1000 $1,499.00 $149.00
1001 - 2500 $1,999.00 $199.00
2501 - 5000 $2,999.00 $299.00
Unlimited $4,999.00 $499.00
* The setup fee includes:
  1. Initial website setup on the WebFindYou Platform. This excludes content transfer from a pre-existing website to your new website on the WebFindYou Platform. See the additional costs below.
  2. Keyword and site analysis for the home page, categories/subcategories, and up to 3 informational pages.
  3. Submission of your website to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Includes sitemap creation and submission to maximize your websites exposure within these search engines.
  4. Submission of your website to 50 PR4+ directories to begin your websites link building campaign (a $99 value).
  5. Training on the WebFindYou Administrative interface allowing you to then add content to your website. If you want us to add your content for you then please see the additional costs below.
* The monthly fee includes:
  1. Monthly Web Hosting on the WebFindYou Servers with 99.99% guaranteed up time.
  2. Bandwidth up to 2.5Mbits average usage per month. If you go over this amount then this is a good problem to have as it means your website is doing very well. The additional charges above 2.5Mbits will be billed at $30 per month for each additional 1Mbit of usage.
  3. License fee for the WebFindYou Platform which includes comprehensive help guides and access to our technical support team.
Website Design
We believe in custom and unique designs for each of our clients as each website should have its own look and feel to best portray the product and/or service being offered. Our design team is one of the best in the industry and can provide any needed design. Our design fees are priced per element chosen and whether it's a custom Standard or custom Advanced implementation.
Design Element Standard Advanced *
Logo $499.00 $999.00
Website Template $499.00 $999.00
Custom Home Page $499.00 $999.00
Custom Internal Page $499.00 $999.00
Corporate Identity $999.00 $1,999.00

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with all of our design work or we'll refund your investment. * Advanced designs are those that include flash or the use of advanced layouts. We recommend the use of flash only sparingly as search engines cannot read flash and thus an all flash-based site will not rank well within search engines. In most cases a website will require a standard logo and/or a standard website template.

Example 1: If you already have a logo then you most likely need just a Standard Website Template and thus your design cost will be $499.00.

Example 2: If you don't have a logo then you'll need a Standard Logo and Website Template and thus your design cost will be $499.00 + $499.00 = $998.00.

Example 3: If you don't have a logo but you want flash in your Website Template, then your design cost will be $499.00 + $999.00 = $1,498.00.

Initial Content Setup or Content Transfer from a pre-existing website
The WebFindYou Platform provides you the analysis and the tools to begin adding your text and images to your WebFindYou website to maximize your potential website traffic via search engines. You might have an existing website where you need that content brought over to your new WebFindYou website. In any such case we can help you do the work needed. Please Contact Us for a personalized quote as each website requires a different amount of work.

SEO Management Services
If you wish to completely outsource the entire implementation of your SEO campaign meaning Steps 2 and 3 as described in our section on Search Engine Optimization, then our SEO Management Services is for you. Please Contact Us for a personalized quote. There are fixed costs that are involved such as link building which is why we need to understand your SEO goals before being able to provide an accurate quote.

Custom Programming
If your website requires special programming like a custom registration form or something similar, we can easily do this for you. The costs are billed on a project basis. Please Contact Us for a personalized quote based on your custom programming needs.

Website Management Services
Many business owners don't have the time to worry about how the WebFindYou Administrative Interface works. They just want to have their website and want to call someone to make any necessary changes. If this sounds like you then our Web Management Services is what you'll need. Below are our pricing packages for this service and require a 6 month commitment. Our WebFindYou platform makes changes very simple, thus in most cases we can address your needs very quickly saving you costs.
  1. $99.00 per month - includes up to 1 hour of service per month.
  2. $249 per month - includes up to 3 hours of service per month.
  3. $399 per month - includes up to 5 hours of service per month.
  4. $749 per month - includes up to 10 hours of service per month.
  5. Per incident - if you don't wish to pay a fixed cost each month for web management or don't wish to be tied to a 6 month minimum contract then we can bill you based on each incident. In such case our hourly rate is $150/hour and we bill in 15 minute increments. Thus if you need some small textual changes to your website, a new product created, or an image added, in most cases it will take us only 15 minutes to do so creating a cost to you of only $37.50 per incident.
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