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WebFindYou's Email Marketing is just what you need and we are going to explain in detail why we are the best choice for you.

What is Email Marketing?
What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a powerful tool and a Digital Marketing strategy that consists in sending commercial and informative emails to both current and potential customers in order to encourage loyalty, trust, a maximization of the brand's positioning, and revenues.

¡Over 3 billion people use Email worldwide!

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The major players within the market are: Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. However, WebFindYou, on top of delivering the same functionality that current providers offer, adds the main advantage of this Email Marketing tool being integrated within your Website, along with all the other resources we include in our service with no additional cost.

In addition to this, WebFindYou offers more professional emails than those available with other providers, again, with no additional cost. This is crucial to maximize your brand, the efficiency of your Email Marketing campaigns, and the general success of your Digital Marketing in terms of conversions and sales. With all the other providers, you must constantly worry about importing email lists from your website and keeping them updated before sending each new email, but with WebFindYou that won't be necessary, as everyone interacting with your website (via contact form, shopping carts, newsletters) is already within our system, so you will count on a database that is 100% reliable. This allows you to make your Email Marketing immediately with only a few clicks.

WebFindYou makes Email Marketing less complicated, more powerful and successful with each email that is sent.
So, if your organization works with Email Marketing, you really need WebFindYou to maximize your success.
Benefits of Email Marketing Benefits of WebFindYou's Email Marketing

WebFindYou's Email Marketing is different from any other resource you may have tried in the past, and we will tell you why:

1. Our Email Marketing is integrated to WebFindYou's All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology, which simplifies the communication with all your potential and current customers, as the database is updated in real time and located in a single place.

Optimized Database

2. Our technology allows you to have a fully optimized database, sustained from all the registered emails via forms created within the websites: newsletter, shopping, contact form, among others. Therefore, our customers can easily manage the segmentation for those contact groups they want to send their Email Marketing to. Moreover, these databases can be customized according to the digital marketing strategies that the user wishes to implement.

3. By integrating Email Marketing within our technology, all the information and each of the additional tools are immediately available whenever there is need to send a newsletter, a promotion, or any other type of Email Marketing campaign.

No Email Limit

4. WebFindYou's Email Marketing is integrated in our technology, so it is totally free, allowing you to save time and money in your Email Marketing campaigns.

5. For our clients in the United States (and soon for our international clients), we can determine how many calls and forms will result from the delivery and reception of this type of emails.

6. WebFindYou's Email Marketing generates detailed statistics and tracking reports on everything that happens after an email is sent, since it registers the places where recipients are clicking, rates on whenever an email is opened or reopened, rates following on links that catch the recipient's interest, the day and time in which these actions occur, and more. The collected information can be used to study your target audience's behavior, as those customers that open the email, along with those who click on one or several elements, are monitored. After a certain period of time, you can also resend the same email to those customers that didn't open it on the first try.

Report and Tracking Statistics

7. We offer better Open Rate/Click Rate; by being able to analyze the obtained data from every email that is sent and performing comparative tests (test A/B), we will have a wider knowledge on what the users want based on the defined objective: what they want, why it is unique, why buying and improving the presentation, subject, and user segmentation for the Email Marketing to be sent. Maximizing more contacts, purchases, and visits to the website.

8. WebFindYou allows you to maximize your chances of getting new visitors, recurring customers, and followers in an infinite manner to current standards, even more so as we continue to perfect this tool.

9. At WebFindYou, we are constantly evolving, since we are always looking for ways to improve the Digital Marketing tools we integrate only to provide the best for our customers. For this reason, we are working on Email Marketing, for it to be automatically sent to customers that didn't open or click on any link after getting the first email.

10. Likewise, this Email Marketing improvement will allow you to send instant emails based on new blog posts, newsletters, or promotional emails with a discount for customers who have added items to their shopping carts but haven't decided on making a purchase after a specific period of time.

Enjoy the Benefits that WebFindYou Provides with Email Marketing and More
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