Why Google Recommends Using an Experienced and Knowledgeable SEO Company

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October 26, 2011
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The primary goal of Google's powerhouse search engine is to provide the most relevant content to their user's searches. This is what made them the market leader they are today. They figured out how to resolve the lack-of-good-content dilemma that plagued Yahoo when Yahoo was the search engine leader in the 1990's. People want to be able to quickly find what they are looking for and know they are being directed to websites that fill that need. This is why Google supports using an experienced and knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization company since they help search engines better understand what a particular website is all about.

Google recently released a video about whether or not Google considers SEO to be SPAM since apparently many people and companies are pondering this question. Click on the play button below to hear Google's take on why they support SEO Companies.

Below is an overview of the key points mentioned in the above video as to why Google supports "experienced" SEO companies.
  1. SEO Companies help make your website easier to crawl. This is important as it allows search engines to better understand what your website is all about and as well ensure proper indexing of your website content.
  2. SEO Companies help you use the right keywords within your website to properly define who you are and what service you provide or product you sell. This is important because the better job you do at conveying the "true" product and services your provide then the better job you will do at attracting potential customers via search engines.
  3. SEO Companies help ensure better website "usability" to help your users better navigate and search engines as well. SEO Web Design is crucial as it helps the search engines better get in and out of your website. If you make their job easier they will want to come back to your website on a more frequent basis to see what new products or information you have.
  4. SEO Companies can help your website perform faster. Site speed is very important to Google as they want to see a faster Internet as it will make the Internet an even more enjoyable and easier to use medium.
  5. SEO Companies can help your website convert more visitors to actual inquiries or sales. Wouldn't you like to generate more sales?

Google doesn't consider "white-hat" SEO to be SPAM but rather considers it to be beneficial to your online presence and ultimately your business. However, as they also mention, it's important to use an experienced and knowledgeable SEO Company, someone you can trust, someone with good references, and someone with a track record.

So remember, Google supports SEO. It makes their job easier and makes the Internet a better presentation of information. However, just make sure that your SEO company has the experience to bring your website the success it deserves.

WebFindYou is a Search Engine Optimization company headquartered out of Miami, Florida with over 20 years experience in Internet Marketing and Development. They have a broad range of clients from a wide spectrum of industries. WebFindYou is a market leader in the production of SEO Websites that create and sustain better online visibility than just a normal website resulting in increased business sales. Contact them today at 866-SEO-WEBS and start letting the Web Find You.
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