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Everything Digital Marketing in One Single Integrated Technology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website to rank high within search engine results like Google and Bing. There are three main steps to properly implement SEO and propel your business to the top of search engines: (1) technical elements that your website must adhere to, (2) properly defining who you say you are (content), (3) and obtaining validation to who you say you are (back links). WebFindYou automatically handles step 1, and reduces the work involved in step 2 by 50%, thereby making the entire SEO process 50% more efficient, which will save you significant time and money. As Google modifies its formula, WebFindYou automatically manages any technical elements required and then will notify you about content changes you might need to make or begin to adhere too. This allows the management of SEO far superior to any other option on the market. It is known that Google can modify its algorithm once per day. Can you afford to lose revenues because you, your webmaster, marketing company, or internal marketing team didn't know about one of these daily Google updates, or didn't update your website in time causing you to drop in rankings and losing substantial revenues as a result? With WebFindYou you can sleep easy at night knowing that your website is constantly on the right path for maximum SEO success.
Reputation Management (Online Reviews)
Receiving continuous positive 5-star reviews on review sites like Google, Yelp, Angie's List, Home Advisor, and others is a crucial piece in maximizing your online presence, leads, and revenues. It will help your business rank better within Google/Bing Local Places/Maps increasing your leads and revenues, and it will greatly increase your online reputation which will thereby increase your conversion rates for all your marketing efforts: radio, tv, print, and digital. So, how do you go about getting more online 5-star reviews? Well, definitely don't ask your friends and family to create fake reviews as this might get you eventually in trouble or removed from review sites like Yelp and/or Google. So, you need to first ensure you do your part in providing the best possible product and service and then excellent customer service on top of that. Then leave the collection of online reviews to WebFindYou. WebFindYou simplifies the process by sending out automatic emails to your customers to request their feedback and rate your company from 1 to 5 stars, however unlike other companies that send your customer to their platform or website, WebFindYou sends them back to your website increasing repeat visits and allows for cross-promotion to your products, services and important content like Blog and News posts. If your customer, on your website, provides you 4 or 5 stars then they are guided to public review sites like Google or Yelp to write their glowing review about your company. This simple process helps keep the positive reviews in the public spotlight and negative reviews in the private area where you can work directly with your customer to resolve their issues to then turn them into a 5-star review. There are many services on the market that provide Write a Review technology, but they'll cost you more money. With WebFindYou, it comes included with the monthly license fee and everything is integrated, and your traffic, revenues, online reviews, and user experience will be maximized.
Pay per Click (PPC) Optimization
Are you doing Google and/or Bing PPC, Facebook Ads or any other form of Pay Per Click Advertising? If so, then you need WebFindYou as you are most likely inefficiently spending money on ads that are not producing quality leads and revenues. The Google, Bing, and Facebook Ad platforms rate your success by how many clicks you received or how many people converted by calling your company or filling out a contact form on your website. But isn't the true value knowing which of those leads converted into a sale and then be able to know which ads provided the most revenue? Of course, it is, as that will then allow you to invest your PPC spend on those ads that produce the most revenue and turn off the ads that don't, thereby maximizing the efficiency of your Pay Per Click campaigns and achieving PPC Optimization. Now, if you have an eCommerce website then the above ad platforms will allow you to know which customers paid and how much they paid, but you will need a webmaster or technical person to perform the necessary website integrations to make it work properly, or can use WebFindYou and make the entire process much simpler. Furthermore, with WebFindYou, you'll be able to track repeat purchases for the entire life-time of each customer allowing you to have a clearer picture on the true value of each PPC lead. Pay Per Click advertising is a key component of Digital Marketing but PPC costs are only going up as demand is increasing. Without WebFindYou your company will waste a lot of money. It's important to your company's growth and success to implement proper PPC Optimization which is why you need WebFindYou.
SEO Web Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web Design is creating a design for your website that is optimized for SEO. Are you creating such a design for your website? Why is this important? Because without it your website may not rank well within search engines. Google wants a faster and more secure Internet, and therefore your website design must adhere to fundamental SEO principles like mobile-friendly web design, responsive technology, image optimization, fast load times, and optimal user experience. The team at WebFindYou are expert Digital Marketers and our Marketing and Design departments are experts in creating SEO Web Designs. If you have a pre-existing website that you want to bring to WebFindYou, then we will provide you recommendations to optimize your web design and we will optimize your entire website code to maximize SEO value which will help increase your Search Engine Rankings. If you don't have a website currently or want to create a new web design, then WebFindYou will provide you a professional web design that will be optimized for SEO. There are many design templates on the market but most of them are not optimized for SEO. Do you know the difference between an optimized design template and a non-optimized one? Most likely not, and that's why with WebFindYou we'll ensure you are constantly on the right path for maximum SEO value and rankings and we'll ensure your web design isn't holding you back from climbing to the top of search engine results.
Responsive Technology
Since 2015, Google favors Responsive Web Design and the user's experience. Responsive Technology is what makes a website design mobile and tablet friendly. It's called "Responsive" because the website design modifies its layout to the device viewing it (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop). This is important as it enhances the user-experience and makes the viewing of graphics and text easier, which will increase website session times, possibly repeat visits, and will most definitely help in increasing your conversion rates. However, not all Responsive Technology is created equal. The most common technology that everyone uses is "Bootstrap" which is a free and open-source library, however it comes with many flaws, because it was designed to manage responsiveness in a general way and not necessarily within a SEO website design way. Therefore, the expert engineers at WebFindYou created their own Responsive Technology called "WebFindYou Responsive" which is an SEO-optimized code library that has fewer lines of code than Bootstrap and removes many of the clunky and non-optimal user experiences that Bootstrap can provide. This is important for SEO and user experience. Therefore, with WebFindYou, you can be rest assured that you have the most optimal responsive technology on the market which will maximize user experience, increase session duration times, help decrease bounce rates, and therefore maximize your SEO Rankings and website conversion rates which all translates into more sales and a more efficient Digital Marketing spend for your business.
Promotion Management
Everybody loves discounts and promotions. So, if your company has the proper tools to effectively launch promotions and track their results, you'll increase customer loyalty, conversion rates, and overall business revenues. WebFindYou provides an integrated promotion management system to help you easily and efficiently create, manage, and track your website promotions. Want to offer a 10% discount on first purchases, or a 15% discount on a subsequent purchase? With WebFindYou you can easily do that. Don't have an eCommerce website but still want to launch a promotion, then WebFindYou can easily help with that as well. You can also easily tie your promotions into your Pay Per Click campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, or any other Ad platform to help those campaigns convert at higher rates as well, and you can track how effective it is working. Everyone loves a discount, so start using WebFindYou today since we make it easy to offer promotions to your customers.
Online Surveys
The more you can interact with your customers and obtain feedback the more success your business will attain, and online surveys help you do this. An online survey is a question you provide with typically multiple response options. For example: What is your favorite color? [ ]Red [ ]Blue [ ]Green. Then based on your customer's response you can possibly show them products geared toward their responses. Customer interactions are key to a successful Digital Marketing campaign as they help you keep your customers engaged with your brand. The WebFindYou technology allows you to easily and efficiently create, manage, track and publish the results of online surveys, and the best part is it's all integrated into your website. You can then take this information and publish the results on your social media profiles and website, create a blog post or press release about it and get this information in front of news outlets to possibly receive FREE news coverage, as well as so much more. With Online Surveys, your customers will enjoy coming back to your website to interact with you, and more interactions will increase session duration times, decrease bounce rates, increase conversions (leads and purchases), and all of this can help increase your SEO rankings. WebFindYou is an All-in-One Digital Marketing technology because we provide everything Digital Marketing that maximizes your online visibility, SEO rankings, and website conversion rates and revenues, and online surveys is just another piece of the Digital Marketing puzzle that your business should provide to maximize the power of the Internet.
Web Promoter Score
Web Promoter Score is WebFindYou's version of the popular and widely-known Net Promoter Score which measures customer experience, can help predict business growth, and is a valuable tool for a company's management team. Net Promoter Score asks the simple question of how likely your customer would recommend you to others and provides them a response scale of 0 to 10. WebFindYou's Web Promoter Score is similar but is measured based on the WebFindYou Write a Review question of how your customer would rate their experience with your organization based on a 1 to 5 scale. The WebFindYou scale of 1 to 5 translates to the Net Promoter scale of 1 is 1/2, 2 is 3/4, 3 is 5/6, 4 is 7/8, and 5 is 9/10. The WebFindYou Web Promoter Score doesn't require a separate survey to be sent to your customer like Net Promoter Score does, and it is measured immediately within the Write a Review question. This enhances customer experience and provides your company's management team with a very key Customer Experience metric. Because WebFindYou's version of Net Promoter Score asks a slightly different question and the response scale is 1 to 5 instead of 0 to 10 is why we labeled our version "Web Promoter Score". However, the formula calculation is the same. A 5 star is a Promoter, a 4 star is a Passive, and 1 to 3 stars are Detractors. You then can easily communicate with your Promoters via WebFindYou's Email Marketing technology to help increase your company's brand awareness. With WebFindYou, Digital Marketing is less complicated, more efficient, and results and revenues are maximized.
Marketing, Sales, ROI & Ranking Reports
How do you determine how effective your Digital Marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns are without proper Marketing, Sales, ROI, and Ranking Reports? With WebFindYou, since all our technology is integrated, each is helping and feeding the other, allowing us to create the most comprehensive reports to allow you to make better informed decisions, measure your success, and make changes to further maximize your Digital Marketing efforts. With WebFindYou we will show you where you are ranking for particular keywords and allow you to track your positions over time. We also provide detailed Sales and Marketing as well as Return on Investment (ROI) reports. Without WebFindYou, your website would need to use different components and modules to provide the detailed reports we offer, all of which cost additional time and money, and they won't deliver many detailed insights that WebFindYou provides. Can you afford to not make informed decisions? Of course you can't! Do you want to arm your Sales and Marketing departments with reports that help them do their job better? Of course you do! This is why your business needs WebFindYou. Already working with a Traditional or Digital Marketing agency? That's fine, ask them to move your website to WebFindYou. With WebFindYou you are in control - you can manage it, have us manage it, or have your marketing agency manage it. Either way, you'll have the technology and reports to maximize your online success.
Tracking Technology
The WebFindYou tracking technology is one of the most important pieces that we offer as it is the center piece to know what is and isn't working in your SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing campaigns. As a business owner, of course you want to know how many website visitors you are receiving, but more importantly you want to know how many leads and sales you are receiving and due to what piece of your Digital Marketing effort to tie it to. Was this lead and sale due to your Email Marketing? Your Social Media Marketing? Your Google PPC campaign? Your Facebook campaign? Your SEO Efforts? With WebFindYou you'll have this very important data right in front of you which will then allow you to adapt your Digital Marketing efforts to maximize its success. No other Web or Digital Marketing platform on the market provides the information that WebFindYou provides, which is why if your website is not using WebFindYou, then you are not maximizing your Digital Marketing efforts and are most likely spending more than you should. Our tracking technology provides phone call and website form tracking and with this information you'll know where your leads are coming from. Digital Marketing is hard and without the right data it is even harder, and for some simply impossible. You can't afford not to know the information that WebFindYou provides.
Short URL
A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a website address. For example this page you are viewing, its URL is Some pages can have really long URL's, for example a blog post of ours has the following URL If we wanted to send that long URL to a friend, family, or business associate via email it's possible the URL will wrap to a second line causing at times for the link to break making it difficult for the person to go to the page that we are recommending. This in turn can reduce website visits and leads/sales. For Social Media Management (example: Facebook or Twitter) it's important to use Short URL's with your posting links as it allows you to have more usable characters for your posts. These are a few of the reasons why people use Short URL's to convert the long ones into a short ones. For example the above long URL has an equivalent short URL of, 20 characters instead of 104, a savings of 84 characters. The most popular URL Shortener is, however you have to take your URL, go to, paste your URL, copy the Short URL they provide you, and then begin to use it. If you then want statistics on how many clicks your Short URL received and from where you received those clicks you have to sign up for a account and return there each time to track your stats for your Short URL's. However, with WebFindYou, our URL Shortner is all integrated within WebFindYou so getting Short Url's for your website pages is simple saving you time. Furthermore, our URL Shortener is integrated with our tracking technology allowing your Short URL's to know which clicks to your Short URL's converted into a lead and/or sale - and this is something that no other URL Shortner like provides, making WebFindYou's URL Shortener the preferred URL Shortener service. However, to use WFY.CC, the WebFindYou URL Shortener, your website must be using the WebFindYou technology.
WebFindYou provides a Chat feature to allow you to communicate directly with your customers via Chat. There are many other Chat providers on the market, some are FREE and others not, but you must have a webmaster, or a technical person integrate it within your website costing you time and money. Furthermore, those 3rd party Chat providers won't provide you the tracking data we provide to know if the chat session was due to your SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, or Social Media Marketing campaigns. By knowing this information, along with what web pages that customer has seen prior to initiating their chat session with you, you'll be better informed with important Sales and Marketing data to best help you convert them into a paying customer. WebFindYou simplifies everything digital marketing making the entire process more efficient, less complicated, and will increase your revenues while decreasing your costs. Contact us today for a FREE demo!
Social Media Marketing & Management
In order to maximize the Power of the Internet and therefore your online presence, your Digital Marketing strategy must include Social Media Marketing and Management. This means to have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and possibly other social media platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat, all depending on your target market. Worldwide, there are currently over 2.60 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 330 million on Twitter. Therefore, if you are not doing Social Media Marketing, you are missing out on a huge potential for new business. In addition, your potential customers are going to social media to look for businesses like yours as well as see what your posting, how many likes and followers you have, and what others are saying about you, so they can determine if they want to do business with you. Therefore it's of vital importance to your Digital Marketing that you have a Social Media presence, but it's more important to ensure it's done correctly. This is where WebFindYou comes in. WebFindYou allows you to manage all your social media accounts from one centralized location, have call and form tracking capabilities embedded in your posts to therefore know which of your customers are coming from social media, from which posts, and which are converting. Soon you will also be able to manage all your posts for Social Media within WebFindYou, post to your social media profiles, as well as schedule those posts to go out on particular days/times, just like you have with the popular Social Media tool Hootsuite, however with WebFindYou it will be a superior option as you'll easily be able to determine keyword density (how many times you mention a particular word/phrase) within your social media to help with your SEO. Furthermore, do to our social media tracking technology your social media will work harder for you instead of you working harder for your social media.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the key for any organization to maximize conversions and sales in addition to achieving meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your customers. Most CRM's can cost you a few hundred dollars a month, at a minimum, and some can cost up to thousands, all depending on the functionality you need. However, the fundamental problem that these CRM's lack is seamless integration into your website and Digital Marketing. They do provide a means to integrate, but you'll require an engineer to implement it and that will cost you time and money. Furthermore the integration won't provide you the depth of knowledge and tracking that you'll receive with WebFindYou since all our components in our Digital Marketing Technology are integrated, one feeding the other. For example, with WebFindYou's CRM you'll be able to know how each of your customers have interacted with your website (which pages and/or blog posts they've seen), what Email Marketing you've sent them and their interactions with them, and which days/times these interactions occurred, and which of your Digital Marketing campaigns they came from whether it be an SEO, PPC, or Facebook lead. We could go on and on. Simply put, there is no better option on the market than WebFindYou to get the complete story about each of your customers and their interactions with your online presence to maximize repeat visits, purchases to then maximize revenues. Contact us today for a FREE demo.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing is the process of sending notification and promotional emails to your current and potential customers. The top players in the market are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, however WebFindYou provides the same functionality as those popular providers, but with the main advantage that it's integrated into your website and everything else that WebFindYou provides, and at no additional cost. Furthermore, WebFindYou provides you with more professional looking emails than those providers do and again at no additional cost. This is crucial to maximize your brand, effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, and overall success of your digital marketing in terms of conversions and sales. Let's say you send an email marketing promotion with the other providers, how do you know that the phone call you just received was due to that email marketing promotion? With WebFindYou you would know. If you were contacted via a website form, with WebFindYou you'd know they came from your email marketing promotion and you'd know what pages on your website that customer viewed. With the other providers you have to constantly worry about importing email lists from your website and keeping them current before sending off a new email, but with WebFindYou that is no longer necessary since everyone that interacts with your website (contact form, shopping cart, newsletter, prior customer) is already within our system. This allows you to do your Email Marketing immediately with just a few simple clicks. WebFindYou makes Email Marketing less complicated and more powerful. So, if your organization does Email Marketing, then you really need WebFindYou to maximize your Email Marketing success.
SEO Ecommerce
WebFindYou, at its core, is a Content Management and Ecommerce platform built from the ground up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and as well contains everything you need for Digital Marketing all rolled into one single integrated technology. This means that as you setup your online store with WebFindYou you can be rest assured that you have the most powerful and efficient means to maximize visibility on the Internet for your storefront to therefore maximize interest in your products which will skyrocket your first-time and repeat sales. WebFindYou has all the important components as the other Ecommerce providers however WebFindYou has an important feature they do not: a complete and seamless integration to everything Digital Marketing and SEO to maximize leads and sales. WebFindYou has an integrated shopping cart technology, inventory management, categories, subcategories, order tracking, sales reports, integration with UPS, FedEx, Authorize.Net, FirstData, BluePay, Payeezy Gateway, PayPal, and so much more. If you are considering the myriad of other Ecommerce providers like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, or Volusion, then you need to immediately request a demo with WebFindYou. Those other providers have excellent technologies, but they are simply an Ecommerce platform whereas WebFindYou is an Ecommerce, SEO, and Digital Marketing platform, and that major distinction will make a significant difference in your ability to generate more sales. You should honestly not think twice, WebFindYou is your best chance to be successful selling your products and services online.
SSL Technology
SSL means Secure Socket Layer and is what drives making a website secure. You are within a secure website if you see that the URL begins with https versus http and you'll also notice a lock with the word "Secure" or a green color next to the URL within your browser. In 2014, Google announced https as a ranking signal, meaning by having your website secure you could achieve better Search Engine Optimization (better rankings). In July of 2018, Google Chrome will mark all non-HTTPS sites as "Not Secure", which can affect your user experience and decrease conversions if your website is not secure. So, this means, if your website is not secure, you need to make it secure. Sounds simple right? Wrong. For the majority of non-secure websites, there are a myriad of things that must be done to make it secure: buy an SSL certificate, install it, ensure that your entire website has all of its links changed to now be https versus http, and the most important and the most critical is to make sure that your website does 301 redirects from the http version of your website pages to the new https version. Did you just say "301 redir-what?" Exactly! If you are not properly implementing 301 redirects, which we'll explain in a second, then you could lose major search engine rankings upon converting your website to https. Well, thank goodness WebFindYou exists, because the WebFindYou technology makes all of these issues with https conversion seamless. Our technology automatically handles 301 redirects for your web pages from http to https to ensure a simple, stress-free, migration to have your website SSL compliant and ensure you don't lose rankings or sales. A 301 redirect tells Google that a particular web page on your website should no longer be this one but another. Proper implementation of 301 redirects are critical to ensure you don't lose rankings and WebFindYou ensures no matter if you are moving to https or simply changing page names that 301 redirects are handled automatically for you. Go WebFindYou!
Content Management System for SEO (SEO CMS)
A Content Management System or CMS, is a system or platform that allows you to easily manage the content (text, graphics, videos) and HTML and JavaScript code for your website. Without a CMS you'll need to build and manage all your website pages by hand via folders on your computer, use an editor like Notepad or Dreamweaver to make changes, and then use FTP or HTTP to upload your website files to your hosting provider. Now there are still many programmers and webmasters that prefer this more "old-school" method of website management, but to the non-techies, marketers, and a majority of programmers and webmasters, they prefer to use a Content Management System, as it makes the management of their website much simpler. For example, with a Content Management System you can do global searches and replaces of content within your website, and make or publish changes to your website with just the click of a button. WebFindYou, at its core, is a Content Management and Ecommerce platform built from the ground up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, WebFindYou makes the management of your website very simple, however you're using a CMS that was built for SEO, and this is critical for your SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing success. Most websites are built on WordPress or Joomla, popular Content Management Systems, but these systems were not built for SEO and that is why WebFindYou is a superior option, not to mention all the other integrated Digital Marketing tools that WebFindYou provides. If you're tired of not ranking well within search engines and your serious about finally getting the leads your business deserves from SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing, then you need to move your website away from WordPress and onto WebFindYou.
Online Directory Management
An online directory is a website that organizes and displays businesses by industry or category, and allows these businesses to have a "profile" to show information, pictures, and videos about their business, and allows its users to contact each business. It's like a basic Facebook or LinkedIn service without all the social connection and communication capabilities. Over the years, many of the popular online directories have evolved and become online directories plus review websites plus a means to find qualified service technicians in your local area. Examples include Yelp, Angie's List, and Home Advisor. Examples of more traditional online directories include Yellow Pages, eLocal, Manta, and others. Back in the year 2008, getting your website in as many online directories was a popular and affective SEO strategy. Today, it's still important, but it's more important to just be in quality online directories and have a quality presence within them. It's also important that your business name, phone number, and address are consistently displayed in all these directories and your website, because by not having them the same can affect your rankings within search engines. This need for consistency is what made Yext popular, however Yext provides many unnecessary directories within its portfolio and charges you over five hundred dollars per year. However, with WebFindYou we show you with our Directory Management system which directories your business should be in and help you easily manage your accounts there. Therefore if you are paying Yext you no longer have to with WebFindYou, as our Online Directory Management system comes included within our service. Be careful of the misleading Yext emails that often paint a picture of incorrect information...those are just their sales tactics. Give WebFindYou a call and we'll help you understand if you have incorrect information out there on the Internet and how to correct it.
Video Marketing
Video Marketing is the act of doing marketing for your business via videos and typically are about presentations about your business, how to tutorials, webinars, and often humor based videos that can become viral and act as a tremendous mechanism to boost your brand. Video Marketing started gaining popularity after the birth of YouTube in 2005, and is now an absolute must in any Digital Marketing strategy. Customers trust videos more than text, they help increase conversion rates, it helps with your SEO, and on mobile phones video marketing is even more important due to user preference of watching a video over reading. Therefore, if you aren't doing Video Marketing - you need to be! There are many companies that provide video production services but can easily cost your company thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to produce. There are also many companies that provide template-based or whiteboard style videos but often these videos don't properly communicate in a unique way what you want to communicate in order to maximize your investment in these services. Do you want to do what everyone else is doing or do something unique? Unique is the best approach if the costs are reasonable and WebFindYou makes that possible. Our expert Video Production department can work with you to create and produce effective videos for your company at extremely reasonable pricing. The WebFindYou technology makes it easy to create and promote a video gallery on your website, show videos throughout various pages within your website, promote your videos via social media, and include them within your Email Marketing campaigns. Furthermore we'll guide you on how to properly SEO optimize your YouTube and Vimeo videos. For all these reasons, WebFindYou makes Video Marketing less complicated, less expensive, and will maximize the exposure of your videos to increase your brand awareness and revenues.
Learn from our Founder and CEO Why WebFindYou is the Key to Digital Marketing Success (if you're serious about growing your business, you must watch this video)
WebFindYou has everything you need to maximize your success at an affordable price
Amazing all the components built into the WebFindYou All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology right? What's even more amazing is the cost. For you to implement all the technology WebFindYou offers into your current website using different 3rd party providers like WordPress, Shopify, MailChimp/Constant Contact, a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, and the many others, you'd have to pay thousands of dollars per month just for the technology, then you'd have to pay a separate fee to a programmer to merge and interlink them all together which could cost you thousands more, and then you have to learn each separate system and manage each separate system independently, and you'd still have to pay a Digital Marketing team to manage all of it for you monthly, and it still wouldn't have the huge benefits of everything being integrated into one single technology like in WebFindYou. Wow, that was exhausting just to write and will be even more exhausting to experience. That's why Digital Marketing is expensive, and why many Digital Marketing providers haven't provided you with good results - because you don't pay them enough for them to give you everything you truly need to be successful online, possibly because you don't have the budget. This is why WebFindYou is Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Think of and Implement their Digital Marketing, SEO, and PPC.

With WebFindYou you can have all our technology for as little as a one-time payment of $499 and then $49 per month thereafter. Yes, your heard us correctly! Why so little you ask? Because we are tired of seeing businesses flounder over and over with their Digital Marketing and we are passionate about helping businesses get on the right path of successful Digital Marketing. We know that if we make the price that low then millions will use WebFindYou and that's where it becomes a very lucrative business model for us and for the billions of websites online.

The $499 one-time payment and the $49 per month is the license fee to our technology, but you will still need someone to manage your Digital Marketing on a consistent basis (blog writing, social media posting, email marketing, marketing strategy, possibly pay per click, possibly Facebook ads, etc.), but using the WebFindYou All-in-One Digital Marketing technology to maximize those efforts. That's why we state at WebFindYou that we can manage it, you can manage it - you decide, the power is in your hands to make the best decision for your business. Our monthly digital marketing fees are separate, and you'll need to contact us for personalized pricing, or you can find a certified professional from the WebFindYou Marketplace, however remember that if you don't have the budget to have someone manage it for you, not a problem, we make it easier to manage it yourself. First, remember that our technology reduces the total work by 50% down to what we call "Simplified Content Marketing", and we provide step-by-step videos to easily guide you along the way. So, if you're an entrepreneur doing it all with a small marketing budget, WebFindYou makes successful True Digital Marketing finally possible. Have an internal assistant, IT person, designer, marketer or programmer already on your team? You can have them manage it. Already have a marketing agency managing your Digital Marketing? Even better, with WebFindYou they'll make your Digital Marketing campaign even more successful increasing your revenues. Better yet you'll possibly save money on the hundreds or thousands you're paying for the other technologies they're using on your behalf.

No matter your situation, you need to start using WebFindYou today to finally harness the true power of the Internet for your business. Simply follow these easy to follow steps to get started:
  1. Click here to purchase WebFindYou.
  2. You'll receive an email to access the WebFindYou platform for your website.
  3. Follow the very easy to follow videos to implement WebFindYou for your business.

For questions, please call us at 1-866-SEO-WEBS (736-9327), fill out our contact form, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay informed of everything WebFindYou including webinars and live speaking events.

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