4 Impactful Innovations Brought Along With Google I/O 2018

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June 05, 2018
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Each year, Google, the technological giant, offers a unique and immersive experience for its audience during the Google I/O Conference. This technology-based event gathers entrepreneurs and developers from all over the world and give talks, along with one-on-one encounters with Google experts, to introduce all the updates and new products Google has to offer.

For digital marketing, these updates carry a lot of importance because they bring great benefits for the development of campaigns and offer a way to level up your game. This year's Google I/O launched incredible technology related to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, destined to be used on different Google apps. From a little fox showing you the path to follow to instant search tools working on no more than a single picture from your phone, Google is bringing innovations in the artificial intelligence arena.

Would you like to know what surprises were revealed at Google I/O 2018? WebFindYou will give you a tour of the four most impressive novelties presented during the conference:
4 Impactful Innovations Brought Along With Google I/O 2018
  1. The Merging of Google Lens and Google Maps
    During the event, Google revealed they are working on a new way to locate points of interest through the combination of Google Lens, with its technology of computer vision, and Google Maps. This integration will allow a person to find a destination using the camera of his or her mobile phone as a guide because it will provide directions while immersing the user in the Street View app. The app includes an animated fox designed to guide you more efficiently.

  2. Google Lens Newest Feature: "Style Match"
    Just like apps designed to identify songs, the newest update on Google Lens, Style Match, will be accessible for fashion lovers who wish to make a quick search with just a picture. The presenter of this feature explained that Style Match will give people the chance to use their phone cameras to identify any article they might see on the streets or on a magazine, starting an instant search on Google that will include similar products, along with links to the item's website in case the user wants to purchase it online.

  3. Match, an Update that Helps you Find the Perfect Spot at the Perfect Location
    Match is an updated suggestion feature on Google Maps that will help you learn about restaurants, bars, and discos closest to your location that might also fit your particular needs. When you search for any place marked on Google Maps, the app will show you, through automatic assimilation of your previous preferences and in numbers calculated by Google, how pleasant a visit to a place can be and why.

  4. Google Maps and the Improvements on the "For You" Section
    This new and innovative tab is designed to show updates and any relevant information about restaurants, bars, or discotheques, based on places previously reviewed or visited by the user. This means that users have the possibility of being constantly updated on any event that may happen inside the area they frequently visit, allowing the chance to try new things. This helps ensure users never miss out on events they may want to attend.

How Do These Updates Improve Digital Marketing?

Anyone who works with digital marketing understands that Google is in constant evolution and that each day its algorithm can change. Nevertheless, these updates are made to improve the quality of results provided to the searcher and eliminating companies that use so called "black hat techniques," or better yet, quick schemes that create quick gains in search engine rankings. Furthermore, digital marketing as a whole is constantly changing. These changes include new technologies and changes in social media platforms. It's no wonder companies, and even marketing agencies, struggle to keep up with the continuous changes. It requires a lot of time, money, and digital marketing acumen to ensure your business or your client's business continues to stay ahead of it's competition, and that traffic, leads, and sales don't suffer.

WebFindYou Will Keep You Constantly Update

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Google can modify its algorithm as frequently as once per day, which can dramatically affect your business if you don't possess the proper staff for a digital marketing agency capable of handling these changes. Can you afford to lose revenue because you aren't aware of new digital marketing changes? Sleep easy with WebFindYou! Simplify your digital marketing today and contact WebFindYou at 1-866-SEO-WEBS (736-9327) or by filling out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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