5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Consider for This Christmas

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December 10, 2018
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5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Consider for This ChristmasThe Christmas season is not a peaceful time for businesses and brands. Once November starts, the commercial world turns into a battlefield where companies must prove who the best seller is, hoping to reach consumers while they consider different options for their holiday shopping. This goes beyond traditional competition between stores; online shopping significantly impacts the market during this time, so these battles become all the more taxing for marketers in charge of managing the strategies of a business.

Today we focus solely on the digital aspect of these competitions, and specifically on the importance digital marketing strategies carry during this time of the year. Ecommerce sales in the U.S. are expected to grow by 15.3% during the 2018 Christmas holidays. With this prediction in mind, WebFindYou presents five online strategies that will come in handy for people developing their company's online presence, as well as for those interested in learning new ways to make the best of the festivities.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Consider for This Christmas

  1. Provide Discounts and Special Offers
    Provide Discounts and Special OffersThe Christmas season shows a high demand from consumers on a global scale. The traditional shopping sprees we hear about usually take place during this time of the year, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year right around the corner. This is why these months are the perfect time to attract customers with discounts and special offers.

    Why? According to a study performed by Bing regarding holiday shopping trends, 47% of buyers don't like to pay for shipping, showing that most people are in search of good shopping opportunities and the best prices. The ideal strategy for your brand involves a more accessible method for people to get the products on their shopping lists.

    If you know how to come up with a good strategy to offer discounts and promotions like free shipping, gift cards, discount percentages, etc., you could get an excellent response from costumers in the form of popularity and revenues.

  2. Enhance your Email Marketing
    Enhance your Email MarketingEmail marketing strategies have proved to be an effective way to bring leads from your target and to maintain a positive relationship with recurring customers. During the Christmas season, a massive campaign comprised of emails related to the festivities is a safe bet.

    The amount of emails sent during the holiday season can still harm your brand if you are not creative during the process. Christmas-focused email marketing campaigns can surpass your expectations if you make your emails stand out from the mountain of messages sitting in your customer's inbox. The goal is to use your email marketing to complement your advertising and discounts, with a design that reflects the festivities in a classy manner and stands out within an email template. When users receive these messages and your emails become a focal point for them, your website will gain more traffic.

  3. Active Social Media Management
    Active Social Media ManagementSince users currently hold a bigger presence on social media than in any other platform, social platforms have turned into essential tools for digital marketing. There's no doubt about the fact that the Christmas season demands special attention toward your brand's social media campaign.

    Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year come with an endless list of themes to apply to your content; the variety can even contribute to make your work more entertaining. Social platforms are generally recommended routes for developing engagement between users and brands, so it's extra important to implement social media strategies during the holidays.

  4. Improve your Online Presence (SEO)
    Improve your Online Presence (SEO)For companies that are still growing into the digital world, creating a campaign to improve their online presence during the Christmas season is a very useful strategy. It's a sure way to show their potential customers what makes their products/services unique while appealing to the users' immediate interests.

    When you plan a Christmas SEO campaign, you need to research and define the keywords you will use before developing your strategy; it's ideal to search keywords that generate more responses during the holidays. For example: "Christmas shopping," "Christmas discount," and "Black Friday sale" are among the phrases you can use to generate content that translates into a visible improvement of your site's organic position.

  5. Target Potential Customers via Mobile
    Target Potential Customers via MobileNot only during the holiday season, but throughout the whole year. The optimization to ensure a mobile-friendly website is a fundamental step to increase your brand's chances on the Internet.

    Since we are already on the topic of plans for the Christmas season, we stress the importance of adapting your company's website to mobile devices during the holidays. According to Salesforce's report, 46% of online purchases will be done via mobile, so responsive optimization will be a doubly effective tactic during this time. What are you waiting for?

Did you Know WebFindYou Can Help you Develop All These Strategies from One Single Place?

WebFindYou Ensures a Successful Digital Marketing StrategyWebFindYou is the first and only All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology. We integrate more than 20 important tools for the implementation of true digital marketing. Our technology has everything you need to ensure your Christmas strategy has all the elements we previously mentioned.

When you acquire WebFindYou's technology, you get:
  • Exclusive responsive design to help you maximize user experience.
  • An integrated promotion management system, useful for tracking your website's promotions in a simple, efficient manner.
  • The chance to manage all your social media accounts from a single location, with the ability to track calls and contact forms integrated in your posts and get all the information you need from your customers.
  • The integration of all the pieces you need for an effective email marketing campaign, with no additional cost.
  • SEO management.

Join WebFindYou's Technology

This Christmas, start using WebFindYou's technology and let us guide you down the path to success. If you wish to discover all the possibilities our technology offers for your brand, don't hesitate to call us at 1-866-SEO-WEBS (736-9327) or fill out the contact form. We'll be happy to assist you!

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