Digital in 2019: Facebook Remains the Most Popular Social Media Platform

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July 01, 2019
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Digital 2019 is Released by Hootsuite and We Are SocialWe all know Mark Zuckerberg's popular social platform Facebook has been in the eye of the storm many times in the past, with some recent controversy still surrounding its name. Facebook has been linked to many accusations concerning the breach or private data, going from advertising information to political campaigns. If there was a statement claiming that Facebook is at its lowest point, few people would be surprised. And yet, recent numbers show that the opposite seems to be the case.

In case you didn't know, Hootsuite and We Are Social join forces each year to collect important data and craft a report showing the current digital landscape and everything related to the Internet on a global scale. This overview shares statistics, digital trends, and analyses describing the levels of online penetration, including the number of existing users, the most (and the least) visited websites, and the development of social media around the world.

Digital 2019: Facebook Still Has the Most Active Users

Facebook Still Has the Most Active UsersIn this year's Digital 2019 report, results clearly show that Facebook, in spite of all the controversy, is still the most popular social platform in the world, with 2,271 million active users. This number surpasses by 5% the results obtained in 2018, which listed 2,167 million active users.

This piece of information dispels most of the rumors claiming a bleak future for the company, leaving no doubt about Facebook's popularity and its power over other social platforms, including YouTube. The video platform occupies the second spot on the list, with 1,900 million active users. It is followed by WhatsApp with 1,500 million users while Instagram takes sixth place with 1,000 million users. Even Twitter, once considered Facebook's main competitor, was the twelfth platform on the list with 326 million users and a decline of -2% in relation to last year's numbers.

Along with the Statement Made by Facebook, Digital 2019 Shared Many More Surprises

Chinese Social Platforms are Getting a lot of Attention WorldwideOn top of this shocking announcement, the report shares a curious note about the future of social media. What do we mean by this? In the list included in the report, we see that Chinese social platforms We Chat, QQ, and Baidu have been getting as much attention as the most well-known sites, and their popularity is clearly shown in the ranking.

We Chat reached fifth place on the list with 1,083 million active users, while QQ took the seventh place with 803 million users. Weibo, China's most famous search engine, surpassed Twitter with 446 million active users. This represents an interesting revelation to foresee what the most popular social platforms will look like in the future.

Why are These Numbers so Important?

Anyone working with digital marketing must know just how important it is to follow all the digital trends. There isn't a more effective way to compete against thousands of websites from companies that resemble yours in terms of what they offer to the public. This is what digital marketing exists for, after all.

Knowledge about the most used social platforms worldwide is also a window to understand the users' behavior. When you know what they want to find, you can create a strategy that touches on the things that truly hold their interest. These numbers help you know where to put all your marketing efforts.

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