Rosetta, the New AI System to Regulate Content on Facebook

November 26, 2018
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Rosetta, the New AI System to Regulate Content on FacebookWe all know that social media, which most of us visit every day, is a powerful way for people to connect. It is an effective communication tool for people in different parts of the world and the immediacy of social media makes social platforms one of the main sources of information worldwide. In fact, a report made by WeAreSocial showed that, by January 2018, 42% of the global population are active social media users. An estimated 3 billion people either check, post, or share content on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook via smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Behind the advantages provided for the millions of people living their lives through social media, there is a constant battle for the regulation of content uploaded on their platforms. Nothing is perfect, after all. With the staggering number of users having unlimited Internet access, social media is a sure way to spread offensive and violent content quickly and with far-reaching consequences.

Unsavory content can cross our path at any point of the day, regardless of where we go. On the Internet and social media, however, it's become extremely common to find users with malicious intentions, looking for extreme ways to share their ideologies, publish fake news, throw hateful comments, and spread offensive graphic content. This is a cause for concern, so even if it is a complicated task, the managers leading every social platform should improve strategies created to prevent these situations.

Facebook's Battle Against Inappropriate Content

Rosetta's AI Technology Comes Into Play to Help Detecting Offensive ContentFacebook is one of the social platforms surrounded by controversy because of the content that's been shared by its users. On top of an alleged invasion of users' privacy, the regulation of content shared by users on their Facebook feeds is another topic of general discussion.

Ever since a man residing in Cleveland recorded a murder on Facebook Live for everyone to see, the public has been demanding that Mark Zuckerberg enact more severe measures to control what's posted on the platform. On top of these recent incidents, Facebook is also one of the most popular sources of fake news, hateful comments, and inappropriate videos featuring violence or sexual content.

Zuckerberg has repeatedly expressed his concern about the amount of inappropriate content that makes its way to the platform, emphasizing the work of content moderators in charge of monitoring all posts and eliminating material that falls out of the site's regulations. Despite previous efforts to keep inappropriate content out of the public eye, the growing number of similar occurrences has demonstrated a need for more thorough measures. This is where AI comes in handy.

Rosetta, the New AI System to Regulate Content on Facebook

How Does Rosetta Work: It Extracts Image from Facebook and Instagram in Real Time and in Multiple Languajes. The Text is Transcribed and Assessed in Ralation to the Platform's RegulatiosnZuckerberg's distress over all the fake news and hateful content spreading within the site led to the creation of a new machine learning system named Rosetta.

Rosetta's main purpose is to provide more control over the content published on Facebook. It's designed to identify, transcribe, and interpret the text integrated within all images and videos. After this process is done, the system determines whether the posts are appropriate for the feed.

How does Rosetta work? The system is capable of extracting millions of images from both Facebook and Instagram in real time. To simplify the task, it also recognizes and interprets multiple languages. The text is transcribed and analyzed, and the system determines the possibility of temporarily removing an image/video until evaluation is conducted by content moderators. This way, the final decision still rests on the human staff.

Fast text detection is possible because Rosetta works with improved optical character recognition (OCR) and a convolutional neural network (Faster C-NN). Rosetta's system detects the rectangular region containing a picture/video, recognizes the text, and performs a full transcription. All of this is done at a speed that no human could match, showing the utility of AI technology to accelerate complex procedures on the Internet.

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