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February 18, 2019
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Influencers Standardize Trends on a Global ScaleSocial media is one of the most popular results of the digital age and as such it has paved the way for a constant stream of innovations. Influencers represent a relatively new way to spread and cement tendencies on a global scale via social media. When an individual's online persona is crafted coherently and effectively, he/she becomes a voice to a group of people, conveying their needs and their goals while breeding new opinions and interests in them. As they gain popularity and customize their content, influencers increase their effect on the audience.

On top of their popularity in the arts, fitness, and lifestyle, influencers also make an important contribution to the evolution of digital marketing. According to AdWeek, 67% of marketers consider influencers an essential part of the success of their online campaigns, to the point that influencers are expected to make a $10 billion industry by 2020.

There is a massive number of entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, and advertisers taking to social platforms to share digital marketing strategies based on their knowledge and personal experience. Showing their professional skills with their content and their management of the features in several social platforms, digital marketing influencers are now a valuable source of information. They are in high demand for users looking for ways to boost their online brands, and with content that's pleasing to the eye and easy to digest, their marketing tips are often imitated by thousands of small businesses. As the name suggest, only a person with influence in the online community can create such a response, with each influencer standing out for their particular online personas and their use of online resources.

In a previous entry, we talked about digital marketing influencers on Instagram and the way they applied its features to simultaneously provide useful content and spread their personal brands. Instagram is only one of several digital assets that influencers have customized to fit their communicational needs. In a digital world where information is rapidly spread around the globe and new technical updates can become the norm in the blink of an eye, influencers diversify their content to keep their audience constantly growing. This diversification depends on the integration of several social platforms where content of any nature and format can be accessible to users.

We will now present 7 of the most successful English-speaking influencers, describing the tactics that earned them the public's loyalty and led them to become household names in digital marketing:

Top Influencers in Digital Marketing

  • Jay Baer (website)
    Jay BaerJay Baer has a long career as an entrepreneur and digital marketing advisor. He currently has one of the most visited content marketing blogs in the world and is the author of six best-selling books.

    Open about sharing his own experiences in content marketing, Baer has led to the success of many businesses in the market. His continued popularity is enhanced by Baer's various public lectures and workshops which have strengthened his reputation as a knowledgeable, authentic, and inspirational figure in digital marketing. He has an active social media presence, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, where he shares condensed nuggets of useful information, regular video shows, and highlights from some of his professional endeavors. Among his video content, Baer hosts a podcast where he shares strategies in content marketing and social media campaigns on a weekly basis.

  • Neil Patel (website)
    Neil PatelLauded as one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, Neil Patel developed his first website when he was 16 years old and effectively started his career with the support of several companies that he hired to assist him. He currently owns one of the most influential digital marketing blogs, where he shares all sorts of strategies for SEO and online marketing campaigns. Thousands of people follow Patel's recommendations, as evidenced by the visits on his blog, the views on his YouTube channel, and the reception of his books. His content is diverse but always presented in a direct and visually attractive manner that's accessible to all audiences; the strategies he's promoted have remained consistent throughout the years, adapting to digital changes and showing results for companies around the world. Meanwhile, the tools and apps he's created (KISSMetrics, Crazy Egg, etc.) have successfully found their place in the market while improving data tracking and segmentation.

  • Ann Handley (website)
    Ann HandleyAn expert in content marketing, cited by Forbes as the most influential woman in social media. Ann Handley focuses on sharing content optimization strategies that stand out from so many companies favoring quantity over quality. She's a keynote speaker with appearances in marketing conferences all around the world and to complement this purpose, she's a partner at Marketing Profs (a group of marketing professionals providing training sessions, webinars, free marketing resources, etc.) Her content marketing books have become Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

    Besides having a website introducing her resources, Handley is active on all the relevant social platforms, with Twitter showing the most essential information about content marketing and digital marketing events. Her Instagram profile enhances the approachable persona that's encouraged of influencers on this particular platform.

  • Roberto Blake (website)
    Roberto BlakeEntrepreneur, graphic designer, video marketer, and marketing coach, Roberto Blake comes with a wide range of resources to effectively communicate a brand's vision to the public. As shown in his online content, Blake specializes on visual strategies sustained by creativity and storytelling, elements he constantly highlights as key for companies to rise above their competitors. Blake is creative director of his own content marketing agency and has a very high profile thanks to several public appearances in conferences and media. His coaching of businesses in the market has led to the partnership with companies like YouTube, Adobe, etc.

    As a video marketing professional, it's no surprise that most of his social media activity is focused on YouTube, where he shares tutorials, podcasts, and techniques to enhance content marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, his blog and his profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are also valuable sources for users to keep up with online innovations.

  • Larry Kim
    Larry KimAs CEO of MobileMonkey (Facebook and Messenger marketing platform) and founder of Wordstream (a tool to simplify management of PPC campaigns and online advertising), Kim uses his social media presence to share his extensive knowledge about the most relevant features in Facebook and other social platforms. As the creator of one of the most successful chatbot builders in the market, Kim is also a great source of technical knowledge for web developers and content managers. His Facebook and Twitter profiles are filled with valuable information, including the contribution of other influencers he's worked with.

  • Madalyn Sklar (website)
    Madalyn SklarSklar is a digital marketing coach specialized in the optimization of strategies on social media, particularly on Twitter. Her activity is focused on pieces and messages aimed at educating users in the implementation of these techniques. As such, she offers several online courses as well as a podcast to encourage feedback and interaction from users. On the other hand, the content on her website is complemented with different resources provided by other marketing experts. Since Twitter is the basis for many of her digital marketing strategies, it's reasonable that she has a prominent presence on the platform. Sklar is, however, equally active on Facebook, where she regularly shares relevant information about her projects and about social media marketing in general, including all the visual content she develops to teach users more effectively.

  • Joe Pulizzi (website)
    Joe PulizziA renowned content marketing expert and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi has spent years encouraging methods to simplify the education of entrepreneurs and counseling businesses in the implementation of their online campaigns. Pulizzi made a career as entrepreneur, speaker, and author, skills that led to the creation of the leading educational organization for content marketing, where he, along with other professionals in marketing, SEO, web design, communication, etc., share content that goes from statistics to courses on very particular topics in the digital marketing world. His role as an influencer comes from his activity on social platforms like Twitter and YouTube, where he shares interviews, sessions, and valuable details about relevant subjects beyond digital marketing.
As you can probably tell, all these influencers come with styles and strategies that benefit different portions of the public. Likewise, there are several successful influencers that we couldn't talk about but who have also customized their content to reach thousands of interested users looking for assistance on very specific problems. With so many digital resources at hand, the value of influencers will only continue to grow; users will feel less daunted about trying something new when they have a person who takes care of providing the necessary resources to reach a goal.

Implement the Best Social Media Campaign

Nowadays, incomplete digital marketing only draws a limited number of customers from the millions of people browsing the Internet at any given moment. If you want your company to succeed and gain the attention of a larger portion of the target audience, you need to have full control of different digital marketing strategies. Your company's presence on different social platforms is a great way to apply some of the most innovative digital marketing strategies, but the only way these efforts will pay off is to complement them with all the other resources/strategies involved in true digital marketing.

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