Instagram Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow in 2019

July 11, 2019
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Influencers are a Big Asset for Brands in Today's WorldInfluencer. This is a word we've been recently hearing, reading, and repeating when we talk about digital marketing.

To be more specific, beyond the word itself and the concept of "influence," influencers have been a recurrent topic for marketers over the last few years. These Internet personalities have prompted so many changes that many brands are looking to join forces with influencers to sell their products, using organic advertising techniques in platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

During their first years on the net, it was common for influencers to share their content on blog platforms. Back then, none of them had ever heard the word "influencer." They were just people sharing information about a myriad of topics, and their influence on users came with feedback and engagement levels generated from each of their posts.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that influencers are just celebrities, actors, singers, etc. Even when these public figures fit many of the requirements needed to be seen as influencers, the term itself goes beyond levels of relevance and extends to a person's power to convince readers, visitors, and subscribers, while earning their trust, and forming a bond with them.

Ironically, the number of followers and views doesn't matter as much as the levels of influence the person carries within their niche. This ability to drive the masses is what caught the attention of both marketers and business owners. Now it's common for brands to form alliances with influencers to promote their products/services on different online platforms, transforming this method until it's become an entire process that is accepted by 80% of the experts (MediaKix) as a viable digital marketing strategy.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow in 2019

Instagram Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow in 2019We previously talked about influencers in digital marketing. At the time, we determined that Instagram was the preferred platform for influencer marketing. Instagram's growing popularity and the tools provided to experiment with promotional content were the main causes of this trend. Now we are even more certain that the platform is positioned as the ideal medium to implement influencer marketing.

According to the report made by Socialbakers about the state of influencer marketing in 2019, Instagram is still the favorite platform for these influential personalities. Even when Facebook is still ahead in regard to active users, Instagram stands out when it comes to generating engagement for the companies that collaborate with influencers in their advertising efforts.

The report highlights Instagram's constant activity in the creation of sponsored content. During the last year, there has been an astounding increase in the use of hashtag #Ad on influencer posts, with a growth of 133% over the numbers reached in previous years.

The report also shows some of the influencer marketing trends that are taking the spotlight on the Instagram platform, with relevant information like:
Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019
  • The influencers with the most interaction in the social platform are women between 25 and 34 years of age, attracting 24% of the followers.
  • The industries that are most focused on executing influencer marketing on Instagram are retail companies and the beauty industry.
  • The use of Stories increased by 21% and it's positioned as an ideal strategy for influencers to communicate a message and generate engagement.

The World of Social Media and Digital Marketing

As you can see, influencer marketing and social media marketing are important strategies that you must always keep in your digital marketing repertoire. When you invest according to your company's budget on either an influencer or on boosting your presence in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (depending on how much they relate to what you want to sell), you can increase traffic, sales, and revenues.

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