Toys R' Us Comes Back with the Help of Omnichannel Marketing

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August 09, 2019
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Toys R' Us Comes Back with the Help of Omnichannel MarketingA few months ago, we talked about the substantial consequences of not having an online presence in a world where the Internet stands as one of the most important resources for maximizing recognition and sales. Such a world, with around 2 billion websites and a big number of users on their way to becoming smart consumers, makes it impossible to resist change. Digital marketing is simply a basic step businesses have to take at some point if they want to succeed.

In another blog post, we mentioned Toys R' Us as one of the grim examples of the results that an opposition to new strategies can bring to a company. It's important to remember how dangerous it is to get stuck on the same model while innovation is such a thriving force in today's marketing world. On this note and to the surprise of many people, the popular toy chain announced its return a year after we thought we'd seen its inevitable end. And this time, Toys R' Us is welcoming the advantages of omnichannel marketing.

Toys R' Us Returns to the Market Adopting Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Omnichannel Marketing Creates a Balance Between Online and Offline StrategiesAlmost a year after an unfortunate farewell in September 2018, it was announced that Toys R' Us would reopen its doors in several cities by the end of this year. This would be done under a new concept and even a new matrix: Tru Kids.

Let's remember that some of the reasons that prompted the chain to shut down were lack of creativity, an aversion to digital resources, and an unwillingness to change the archaic marketing model that had starred in the brand's previous strategies. The new concept proposed by the chain seeks to correct past mistakes, acknowledging that marketing has reached a level of versatility where things are not just black and white, and several grey areas are useful to improve a marketing plan. This is why the announcement sticks to the philosophy of omnichannel marketing, claiming that it's possible to get the best of both worlds (online and offline) as long as we maintain the right balance.

Omnichannel marketing is the perfect example to develop a campaign both online and offline if the strategy obeys the goal of providing positive experiences for potential customers (interaction, content, promotion) while using different platforms simultaneously. Done properly, the campaign will result in a better response from the target audience, whether in sales, recommendations, popularity, or customer loyalty.

What are the Upcoming Changes for Toys R' Us?

New Stores Will Guarantee the Customers' EnjoymentRichard Barry, CEO of Tru Kids, announced that the first big change in the chain structure will be a reduced volume in smaller physical stores. The stores will span 6,500 to 10,000 square feet.

The arrangement came from a new goal of making experiences a priority over store volume. For this, the company started a partnership with b8ta, a retail service company specialized in creating software solutions for an optimal interactive experience. The designs implemented on these new stores will guarantee the customers' enjoyment, instead of limiting the physical space with the single goal of selling products.

According to Barry, and what little information has been divulged about the toy chain's future action plan, each store will offer the most innovative and trendy products in addition to preparing events for the public. Customers will enjoy daily activities, ranging from stands representing all the brands with products on sale to performances with Geoffrey The Giraffe, the chain's beloved mascot. There will also be an entertainment area where children and adults alike will be able to try different toys before buying them.

When it comes to the toy chain's involvement with the online world, we can mention the fully renovated website, which also currently displays a press release announcing the return of Toys R' Us. Let's hope that little by little, Toys R' Us continues offering more details about the resources involved in this new beginning. The integration of so many tactics and qualities already hint at a very successful future.

Why is It Important to Know This News?

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