Why WebFindYou is Simplified Digital Marketing

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October 17, 2018
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According to Digital In 2018, there are more than 4 billion Internet users worldwide. That's 7% more than last year. Over 3 billion people around the world currently use social media platforms, and there are 5 billion mobile users, which is an increase of 13% and 4%, respectively. Incredible, isn't it? These numbers are proof of the importance of an online presence; business must create, design, and manage a digital marketing strategy in order to evolve and maximize sales in the online world.

To Implement True Digital Marketing, You Must Pay For Different Providers, Tools and Technologies

What is the Process to Implement Digital Marketing? Why is It So Complicated?

The creation of an effective digital marketing campaign has become progressively more difficult and expensive. Digital marketing nowadays entails the execution of different digital strategies such as branding, the creation and positioning of a website (SEO-SEM), content management, user interaction (social media presence, positive reviews, email marketing, etc.), sales analysis reports (ROI), and more. Many companies apply each of the tools needed for these strategies with the help of third-party providers. The process demands considerable amounts of time to research all the options and to learn the proper use of the selected tools. It also demands money to pay for the providers, staff and/or agencies capable of managing the tools that companies can't use on their own.

On another note, there is a growing number of people who've become wary after investing time and money on providers/agencies/tools without getting the expected outcome. These people join the cycle of wanting to implement digital marketing but fail at it due to a lack of knowledge, time, and money.

Have you paid for professional digital marketing services only to receive unwanted or minimal results? No doubt you have. In fact, most of the businesses that have contacted WebFindYou can attest to unpleasant experiences with digital marketing providers that promise much but fail to deliver. This is a reality. It's also the reason so many companies don't trust digital marketing agencies.

If you're among those who have tried more than 3 digital marketing solutions without success, or if your budget doesn't cover the tools you need to implement digital marketing properly, then you are part of 92% of the market without the money to afford true digital marketing. You should know that WebFindYou is revolutionizing the way digital marketing is done, while our technology simplifies the hassle involved with the necessary digital strategies needed for success.

Why is WebFindYou Simplified Digital Marketing?

To Why is WebFindYou Simplified Digital Marketing?WebFindYou is the first and only All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology on an international scale; the only technology managing content and ecommerce, built and programmed from scratch for search engine optimization and integrating +20 digital tools in one single technology. All of this has been accomplished with the purpose of providing a single place for you to complete all the steps in the implementation of true digital marketing, with less hassle, reduced cost, and increased revenues and results.

Digital marketing is expensive. The process of hiring several providers and digital marketing tools can be taxing, on top of the potential damage it could mean for your company. WebFindYou's goal is to clean up after this constant mess while simplifying digital marketing as a whole. You can have all the resources you need to implement true digital marketing at an affordable price, saving you +$1,500 per month in digital resources. WebFindYou is an accessible alternative that will effectively increase your leads and sales.

WebFindYou Brings the Solution to the Most Common Digital Marketing Problems

WebFindYou solves the most common problems for companies when they want to implement Digital Marketing: Reduced Costs, Less Hassle, Increased RevenuesSince our All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology integrates all the pieces in a single place and simplifies the tedious process of finding different providers, it entails an ideal solution to the most common digital marketing problems, like:
  • Budget: Some of today's businesses go through difficulties to reach the needed budget for all the tools demanded in an optimal digital marketing campaign. According to studies on the types of businesses in the market and their ability to afford full digital marketing services, 92% of the market doesn't have the financial capacity to develop the appropriate marketing campaigns.

  • Lack of Qualified Staff: These businesses have an internal team in charge of digital marketing (a marketing strategist, a community manager, etc), according to the budget available for it. This means, however, that the companies can't afford all the professionals they need and, as a result, outsource services in programming, design, and writing. This means companies blindly spend large amounts of money with no guarantee of getting the expected results.

  • Knowledge about the Correct Tools and Technologies: This is the most common problem. On one hand, people wanting to apply digital marketing strategies get confused by the number of alternatives and providers; some of them waste time and money paying for whatever option they believe is right for them, while others simply don't have the money to afford either of these options. None of them has a chance of implementing true digital marketing because, in order to get results, all the steps must be taken.
All these problems can be avoided by using WebFindYou, the first digital marketing and SEO technology that integrates all the necessary tools to perform digital marketing from a single place. This technology offers superior solutions for the execution of true digital marketing and SEO, optimizing a website's online presence with less hassle, reduced costs, and increased revenues.

Less Hassle, Reduced Costs, and Increased Revenues?

Less Hassle, Reduced Costs, and Increased Revenues
  • Less Hassle: With WebFindYou, there's no need to worry about looking for the right staff or researching the proper tools to use. Our Technology has everything a company needs to implement an effective digital marketing campaign. "We manage, you manage -You decide!"; the client has the chance to decide who manages the digital marketing of the company. You and your staff can have full control managing our technology, or we can help you if you need us to manage it for you. WebFindYou's Marketplace will always have all the solutions at your disposal, with a group of professionals and certified agencies to help you execute any digital strategy at an affordable price.

  • Reduced Costs: The days of wasting money on inefficient marketing campaigns are over. Businesses no longer have to pay for different tool providers and incomplete resources. Why spend $100 on CMS, $150 on email marketing, and $300 on CRM? on top of a growing number of essential tools with equally high costs. At WebFindYou, you will have all these tools in one single technology, at $49 per month, saving over $1,500 in digital marketing tools.

  • Increased Revenues: WebFindYou integrates +20 digital tools, including email marketing, CMS, CRM, Ecommerce platform, URL shortener, SEO, and many other vital resources to implement an effective digital marketing campaign. This generates more revenues because it promotes faster completion of all the steps to digital marketing. You will control and track all the necessary data to turn leads into actual customers, you will know which strategies to continue implementing while disposing of those that take unnecessary time and money, and you'll reach a positive ROI with an increase of your sales and revenues.
Everything is integrated with WebFindYou in a single TechnologyWe are simplified digital marketing. We ease the way into all the steps involved in the execution of true digital marketing. There is finally a unique technology that truly integrates all the needed tools and pieces to help businesses get results in their digital marketing strategies.

After learning all the reasons WebFindYou is the ideal solution for your business, will you keep on repeating past mistakes? Will you choose our All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology to guide you down the path to success? Discover the power of the Internet with WebFindYou and get simplified digital marketing!

If you wish to know more about this technology, go to the All-In-One section and learn everything about the 20+ tools we offer. You can also contact us by filling our contact form or calling this number 1-866-SEO-WEBS (736-9327). We'll be happy to assist you!

Guide Your Company Down the Road to Succes with WebFindYou

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